Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Office Decorating Contest

Merry Christmas one and all. I hope everyone had a joyous celebration of the birth of our Lord and Savior! I will post a bit more about the festivities of the Iveson clan tomorrow, complete with pictures. But today I realized I never posted pictures of the office decorating contest at Liberty! My office theme was "The GrinchThat Stole Christmas". The various departments picked Christmas movies or Christmas around the World for the themes. Below is a little sampling of our little office. The pictures don't do it justice though, it was magical.

First entering Who-ville
The view down one street. I love the walkway down the middle! This is the Mayor's house, Cindy-Lou Who's house, the Who night club (yeah, that was an interesting one), The Who Bakery, The Who Coffee Shoppe, The Who Candy Store, and the residences of a few other Who's.
A closer view of the end.
The Who tree.
A male actually designed this! Who would've thought a guy would get so into the office decorating contest? Quite good, I thought.
All the Who mailboxes. There's one for everyone in our office.
Max's dog house.
The Grinch's lair. The guy who's cube this is was the perfect Grinch because when we played Christmas music in the office he kept going on about how he hated Christmas music! On the day of the judging they sprayed his hair green and he printed off a mask of the Grinch and wore it all day! Dedication.

Unfortunately, we didn't win. No one really understood why since our office was far more decorated than the office that did win. Even that office wasn't enthusiastic about their win. Everyone else (who wasn't a judge) that walked through thought we would win for sure. Winning= a pat on the shoulder and bragging rights. But a lot of work was put into the decorating process so it would've been nice to get some recognition.

I only work two days this week since I saved up some of my sick days to use. It will be a nice extended break for me. But I'll also have to tear down my decorations. The office will look so bare once everything comes down. Grey cubicles with a tan wall behind it. Boring. We can hang up our normal office information again... and we can have little pictures and such in our cubes... but we can't decorate excessively to try to make it feel more homey. So back to ugly cubes it is. Boring. Blah. Makes the work day go by so much slower.

I finished reading Ender in Exile while the in-laws were here. There really is nothing like a good Ender book. Orson Scott Card is a literary genius. Every time I find myself falling in love with Ender. I know that's not the point of the books... but I do. He is such a lovable character... in that he absolutely isn't! It's also addicting. Now I don't want to read any of the other books I had on my schedule to read before my next class begins! I just want to re-read all the other Ender books! I have to take them in pace though. So many other books to read.

Tomorrow (or soon, at least) I will post about when my family was here and what we did and the Merry Christmas we had. After that I will post about the decorating I've done around the hours. Yay, finally catching up on photo posts! Maybe 2011 will be the year when I learn to include pictures in all my posts to make them not so boring. We will see. I cannot believe it's already 2011. So strange. Hopefully 2011 will bring about some great things in our life! A lot of promising things are possibilities! Who knows if those things will come to fruition or not.

End. (er). I couldn't help but think "Ender" as I was typing that. That is the genius of Orson Scott Card.

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