Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sleepy time

Confession time. Jack has slept with me in my bed most of his life. We've been trying to integrate his crib into sleepy time, but it hasn't been pretty. Often I can place him in his crib after he's fallen asleep with me, but that doesn't last the entire night. He has a very comfortable mattress so I don't know what the problem is.

It never bothered me until recently. Well, truth be told- I'm just fine with him sleeping in my bed. But I'm worried that a) he won't transition well when daddy is home and b) that he'll roll or crawl off the bed now that he's doing both.

It's also hard because we are in the same room at my parents. So when he wakes up and sees I'm not holding him but I'm sleeping right there, of course he's not going to be happy!

We also have a difficult sleep schedule. He typically doesn't go to bed until after 10. He gets about 8-9 hours of sleep at night (with 2 sleep feeds in there) and then only takes about 1.5 hours worth of naps throughout the day. Most kids his age sleep 12 hours at night with no feedings.

I thought once we started solid food he would sleep longer at night. Wrong. I'm reading a variety of methods so we'll see if anything works. Crying it out doesn't seem to. I'm very ready to stop night time feedings and for him to get accustomed to his crib. While I love him being with me, I know it'll just get harder from here on out!

So that is my confession. I spoil my baby and he sleeps with me. Lets hope I figure out a solution soon!

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