Saturday, November 10, 2012

Shaping his future

Some of my favorite times are the minutes before nap time or bed time. Jack is go go go... And then suddenly he's not. There's usually not a winding down period. He's playful and very much awake, then he's quite and very ready to sleep. He doesn't go down on his own (only one time in his entire 7 months), but he prefers to be held to fall asleep. I love those few minutes of snuggles as he drifts off to sleep. I often rock him and sing softly to him. He plays with my hair or the design on my shirt and smiles up at me. I love the connection. I love his surety of me as his Mommy. He is secure in my arms and he knows that I love him.

As I rocked my napping baby today I took the quiet opportunity to pray for him. I prayed for his growth, for his character, and for his future. I prayed for Matt and I and the struggles of parenthood that are sure to come. I prayed for Jack as there will be times of absence from his Daddy and for our upcoming reunion this next week. I prayed for Jack to become a man worthy of his wife and I prayed for his future wife and her parents.

It is the most difficult job, parenting. So much at stake. So much to invest in. So much that can be lost. I am working at taking each day, each new stage of parenthood at a time and trusting God to give me strength, patience, and wisdom to rear Jack.

I am eternally thankful for the opportunity and privilege to be Jack's Mommy.

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