Monday, November 12, 2012

33 Weeks

33 Weeks! Which means, tomorrow we board our plane(s) to go see Daddy! It's been a long 10 weeks and we are so excited to see him! He will officially be a soldier. I'm sure it may be a little strange to see him in his ACUs and Dress Blues, but I will be so proud. 

I am also extremely proud of my little man! A few things he's figured out this week: pulling himself up on his crib railing, picking up puffs on his own and putting them in his mouth, snapping fingers (just like an adult only using his thumb and middle finger!), clapping, and signing "more". 

He has been eating more baby food. We try to do two meals a day of baby food. He has recently begun eating a whole baby food pouch (size 2) at one sitting. I use Plum Organics pouches, which mixes a lot of good fruits and veggies together. The taste a bit sweet, but Jack sure likes them. I attach a spoon to the twist top, which makes it easier to feed him so he doesn't make as much of a mess. He still nurses but he goes longer between sessions. I still think he is drinking close to the same amount as before though. 

I don't know why my baby doesn't seem to need as much sleep as other 7 month olds. He averages 8-9 hours at night with feedings (usually two 5 minute feedings per night) and takes 1.5 hours worth of naps throughout the day (generally 2-3 half hour naps). He is so happy and active when he is awake so he doesn't seem to need more sleep. Sigh, maybe someday it will catch up to him, but I have a feeling he'll just go on less and less sleep as he grows.

Jack consistently says "Mum mum" when he wants me. He doesn't babble it like the other noises he makes, but he says it when he wants me to play with him or pick him up. It is very sweet. I think he may also have figured out that he can get whatever he wants if he just prefaces it with a "mum mum". With that, he is also becoming more and more attached to me. He generally doesn't like others holding or playing with him for too long. If I'm not within eyesight, then forget about it! The other day I ran out real quick while he was napping and he was waking up just as I got home. My sister picked him up when he woke up and he smiled at her at first but once he fully woke up and realized she wasn't me he immediately began crying and wouldn't stop until I got him.

Jack loves "crawly" fingers, where I slowly crawl my fingers towards him and then tickle him. He also love horsey rides on knees. He loves airplane rides too, but after last week when I almost launched him we've taken it down a few notches. He loves to stand against the coffee table or chair and is gaining better balance all the time. He also is working so hard at crawling. He can definitely inch worm around (forwards and backwards) and can crawl sometimes.

Tonight it snowed! Papa took him outside for a couple minutes. He seemed interested in the snow but when he touched it... well, of course, it was a bit cold!