Monday, October 15, 2012

The 5K Goal

So my fitness goal for while Matt is at BCT is to be able to run a decent 5K. I won't be entering into any races (yet), but I am just too lazy to go for a run and that needs to stop.

Well, he is now beginning Week 5 of BCT... and last night I went for my first run! Yup, you could say I'm a little behind. Life just gets away fro you when you are keeping track of a 6 month old!

I decided not to join a gym since I didn't want to pay the money when I wasn't sure how often I would be using it. Plus I'd have to find one that's close by and has decent child care. I didn't really want to bother. Plus my parents have a treadmill and I have my 5 lb. free weights. Sure, I won't be able to do all the exercises I'm used to, but I can do lunges, squats, and abs without weights.

So... I decided to start out slow to get a feel for running again. This is my second run post baby. I did just one mile. I ran the first half, speed walked the next quarter, and then ran the last quarter. It wasn't horrible, honestly, but it wasn't great either. But, the good news: I didn't feel like death afterwards. I would call run number one a success. I plan to run every other day for a little while and then maybe increase it to every weekday... but we'll see. It also depends on if baby cooperates. Last night I ran after he was in bed. Love my video monitor so I can keep track of him!

A few tips from a new runner:

1. Take it slow to begin with.

2. Make sure you have good shoes. I bought new ones to make sure I put them to good use.

3. Stretch beforehand. I used to just jump into runs and my legs felt it afterwards. Stretching beforehand makes a big big difference. No nasty shin splints mid-run.

4. Don't eat donuts pre-run. I'll leave it at that.

So here we go. I wanted to become a runner (not a serious runner, but 1-5 miles regularly) for two reasons: in case I ever need to run for my life (sounds silly, but I'm entirely serious) and because running gets rid of flab that other exercise doesn't. I am not overweight, but I would love to be slightly more trim. Ellipticals keep me healthy, but running will help me stay slim.

Here's to meeting a new fitness goal!