Monday, October 15, 2012

29 Weeks

Baby is 29 weeks old! As much as I keep thinking Jack is becoming my little boy, I know that he is still my little baby. That makes me very happy. Sometimes he seems like he's growing up so quickly, but I love that he is still my snuggly bear. 

I have been weening him into his crib at night. Our night time routine is bath time starting between 8-9 pm (dependent on the night and what shows are on, pathetic, I know), story time with Daddy on the computer- sometimes one or two stories depending on how tired he is, rocking/snuggling with Mommy until he falls asleep, then transfer to crib once he is asleep. The goal is for him to be asleep in his crib one hour after bath time. The baths seem to really help him prepare for bed. 

Snuggles. He fell asleep almost immediately after I took this picture.

This week we visited Great-Grandma Koutz (my mom's mom) in Elwell, MI. This was the first time Jackson was meeting his Great-Grandma. Jack did great on the ride over (1.5 hour drive), he jabbered a bit to his cousins (Ethan and Calvin) and then took a nice nap. We had lunch with Great-Grandma, Grammy, Great- Aunt Beck, Aunt Christine, and cousins Ethan and Calvin. Then went back to Great-Grandma's house to play. I brought lots of toys for Jack to play with and he enjoyed his play time. 

We also went out with his other cousins (Noah, Livy, and Brooklyn) to celebrate Livy's 8th birthday! Jack was getting a little fussy towards the end of lunch, so I decided to let him try a lemon. I knew it was a gamble since he would probably pucker and then cry at the sour taste. But... he LOVED it. Not even a little pucker! He got that first taste and then didn't want me to take it away! He sucked that little lemon almost completely dry! It was such a surprise, but his cousin (on the Iveson side), Waverly, did the exact same thing. She has always loved lemons. 

Since Jack has been having his baths in his baby bathtub without the newborn seat, I decided to give him a bath toy! He was so excited when the little tug boat sped towards him! He chased it around the bath tub and grabbed it up out of the water! Makes bath time much more fun. He still isn't sure about sitting straight in the bath tub, he would prefer the newborn seat, but he's just too big for the seat now. He likes to grab onto the edges of the tub and sometimes tries to pull himself up and out! He seems a little afraid, but he doesn't cry or reach for me. He just doesn't seem to like sitting. 

I've still been giving him baths every other night. On the nights I don't give him baths he gets a later bedtime, lucky boy! 

Jackson is still nursing. Such a special time for us both. He has decided he absolutely does not like rice cereal. So... I gave sweet potatoes a try. He has eaten them each time I have given them to him in the last week, but he was like that with rice cereal at first too. We'll see how this goes. I had been planning on making our own baby food... but I'll wait until we know what he likes and doesn't. I can afford $0.50 jars for now. We're about halfway done with one jar after one week. Once we know what he likes I may begin making our baby food... or I may just keep buying the jars! 

Jackson loves being at Grammy's house. Grammy keeps buying new toys for Jack to try! She bought him the beaded ring Jack is holding (which he loves to chew on) and two teethers in the shape of hands and feet. Great learning tools as well as nice for his gummies. 

And the weekly picture. Baby is wearing one of Mommy's favorite bodysuits. It has patches on the knees and says "little stinker" under the adorable skunk on the front. 

While we are having a great time in Michigan, we are so excited to see Daddy! About a month left until we can see him!