Tuesday, October 23, 2012

30 Weeks

{disclaimer: I began writing this before midnight... but life with a baby! I am finishing it just a little past midnight}

Jackson has had quite the week! He is such a busy little boy! Four days away from being 7 months old and he's acting every bit of it! 

I'll add captions to each photo below, but I'll give a breakdown of his week first. 

Likes: stacking cups (knocking them over), chewing on toys (and everything else), his jumperoo, snuggles, story time with Daddy, remote controls (he now has his own to play with), lemons, playing catch (rolling a ball back and forth between him and I), playing with grass, paper (I don't let him play with it too much though because he eats it), when the electric fire turns on, Grammy's bubbles from her gum. 

Dislikes: Getting his hair washed (now that he sits up in the bathtub without the infant seat, when I wash his hair some of the water dribbles down his face and he does not like that), being strapped into his booster seat (my parents have a high chair that hooks onto their counter top instead of a stand alone one), when we read books and I don't let him crinkle the pages (he now has some cloth books that are uh-mazing), not seeing Mommy (and the separation anxiety begins).

Milestones: Good- he can get up on his hands and knees and sit there indefinitely. He can also rock back and forth on his hands and knees. He has tried to move forwards, but he moves one knee and before he can move the second he topples over. He also had his first boo boo- more about that in the next paragraph. He has continued to enjoy sweet potatoes. He usually eats one jar in three sittings. He has figured out that he needs to open his mouth to eat with the spoon (as opposed to trying to suck the food off the spoon), but he tries to lean over into the spoon instead of letting me bring the spoon to him. He is sleeping in his own crib until around 4-4:30 when he wakes up to eat. After that he stays in bed with me until we officially wake up for the day. 

Jack and I went for a visit to Robinette's with my friends, Abby and Mark. Robinette's is an orchard that is a staple in Grand Rapids autumns. I have countless memories there with apple cider and cinnamon sugar donuts (of which I've probably consumed at least two dozen since I've been home!). I was so excited to take Jack there. We went on a hay ride and then Jack met horses for the first time. He loved looking at the horses but was intimidated to pet them. When I first reached out with his hand to pet them he clenched his first and shook his arm- which he does when he does not want something. Eventually he did let me bring his hand to the horse and pet it. The horse kept flicking his head back and forth so we didn't get too close. He loved watching the horse move around though. We got some ice cream (Jack had one little lick) and bought a box of Cinnamon Sugar donuts for later. Abby and Mark had to go, so Jack and I took some pictures with the pumpkins and giant apple. I remember playing around the giant apple when I was a child, back then there was a hole in the side where you could climb in. So... my "bad mommy" moment. We took pictures by some normal sized pumpkins. Cute, right? Well, there were these giant pumpkins up on pallets. I set Jack next to one. It was on one little pallet- so not high off the ground or anything. He twisted to look at the pumpkin. He turned to smile at me. He fell off the pallet and face planted on the ground. Sad baby. He landed on the soft ground/grass and mostly rolled on his side before bonking his head. He cried for a bit and I hugged him close. He was fine after a minute and we took some more pictures. I didn't notice the bump on his head until we got home. It was under his hat. Poor baby. It darkened throughout the evening but by the next morning it was lightening already. So baby's first boo boo. I'm so thankful it was something so minor. Mommy will be much more careful. The photo op is NOT worth it.

Jack loves his jumperoo. Love this action shot.

Such a thumb sucker. He loves to hold toys while he sucks his thumb. 

Baby's boo boo. :-(

Nice horsey. 

Horsey is very tall! 

Happy baby and Happy Momma on a beautiful fall day. 

After his boo boo. Giant pumpkin. Love his plaid, puffer vest, and hat!

The big apple. Baby more interested in the woodchips, grass, and leaves than pictures.

30 Weeks old! 

Love this one. I feel like this picture sums Jack up... completely.

One more step closer to crawling! Momma is super excited for him to crawl... and super anxious!

I realize that Jack is a much more low key baby than most. For that I am extremely thankful. He is everything I had ever dreamt, hoped for, and wished for. But he is so much more than that. He is such a complete and total joy. He is my bright beam of sunshine. He brings so much to my life. It is not like he completes me, but he brings out aspects of my personhood that I didn't know existed. He has created parts of my personhood that weren't there before. He has taught me so much about myself, life, and love. 

I love you, baby Jack.