Friday, October 26, 2012

7 Months

My little baby is seven whole months old!
How can that be?
On the other hand, how has it only been seven months since he entered our lives?
He is the perfect addition to our family.

These pictures were taken at a bird feed store. My parents were picking up some bird seed for their feeders on our way to spend the day in Lowell (I know, who would've thought we'd go to Lowell just to hang out? It was actually SUPER productive. Got some Melissa and Doug's toys for Jack for Christmas and some adorable, warm, comfy arm warmers [fingerless mittens] for me). While they were in the store I saw some pretty autumn bushes and an incredible brick column. Perfect for his monthly photo shoot! Here is a sampling of my favorites. 

Jack continues to learn each and every day. He can stand with his hands on something (like a coffee table or chair). He can roll over and over to get from one side of the room to another. He can go from sitting to on his hands and knees- and can rock back and forth. He can't crawl quite yet, but he can still scootch inchworm style backwards. He has very strong motor skills. He can grab and hold toys or all sizes. We just tried Puffs today and he loved them- he had no trouble picking that up on his own and getting it to his mouth. He leans over to reach for the toys he wants when they are not directly in front of him. He is very good at mimicking- mouth movements to learn new sounds, clapping, playing with toys (I'll show him how to play with a toy correctly and he'll copy me, like tapping two of his cups together to make noise), and waving etc.

My personal favorite: he is now clearly saying Mama! He is very attached to me (typical separation anxiety at his age) and today when he specifically was unhappy and wanted me to hold him he said "Mama". It was so clear and melted my heart! He said it in three different instances today. He would say it over and over ("Mama" not just "ma ma ma ma ma") until I picked him up. When I picked him up he would smile and go back to playing or babble other sounds. He didn't say the "Ma" in other situations and even though he knows that sound he doesn't use it often. I am about 90% positive he is saying "Mama" in reference to me. We'll see if it continues. His Grammy (my mom) doesn't think he is old enough to be able to reference things or people yet. We'll see who's right! This was the first time he had said a clear "Mama" but he has been saying "Mmmmm" when he turns towards me and holds his arms out for me to pick him up. He is very communicative baby.

These have been the most rewarding seven months of my life. Not only have I loved each and every second with Jackson- but I have learned more about myself as an individual and become a much better spouse to Matthew. I have learned about selflessness, which is so important for marriage. It was so difficult for me to be truly selfless in marriage before Jack. Selflessness comes so naturally for me when it comes to Jackson. His needs come far ahead of mine. This has filtered through into my marriage. It makes all three of us much more happy and brings me so much joy to serve my husband and son.

Thank you, Lord, for my amazing blessing of Jackson Matthew. Please continue to teach me how to mother him and give me the patience needed as he learn mobility and develops more of a personality (i.e. will).