Sunday, September 30, 2012

6 Months

This post is only four days late. I think that's pretty good all things considered! I thought life would slow down once we got to Michigan... well, it surely hasn't yet!

My little baby is already half a year old? Slow down, baby Jack! Momma's not ready for you to be a little boy quite yet. She still wants you to be her little baby! 

Jack already has begun to look and act like a little boy. He can be such a little stinker. He gets into everything and thankfully, he hasn't begun crawling yet so we can contain the disaster zone! This is especially when we are eating. If you look at the table about 60% of the table is being used for everyone eating/plates/food/ etc. The rest of the table is clear so Jack can't grab anything! He is content with banging on the table for now- fist opened, palm down. 

I am guessing he is around 18 lbs. still. He has his 6 month appt. later this coming week. He was originally scheduled for his appt. the day after his monthly birthday, but then we moved. Thankfully I was able to get an appt. for just one week later here in Grand Rapids. I hope I like his new pediatrician. 

Jack continues to get compliments on his cuteness everywhere we go. I mean, really, can you blame them? I know I am biased, but he truly is just the cutest kid ever! You look at him and he breaks into this winning smile. He loves people and loves to be played with. He plays with such a variety of toys. He still is pretty content with his feet if nothing is close by, though. Really convenient! 

On the trip home from Virginia we stopped at some outlets in Michigan to buy Jack some warmer clothes. Baby has some warm clothes... but I packed them on the moving truck! This shirt and adorable hat were some of those purchases. You really can't beat Baby Gap sales/outlets. I picked up a 6-12 months sized hat... but somehow we left the store with a 18-24 months sized hat! Don't know how that happened, but I'm glad it did! He can wear it longer and it's loose enough that he doesn't try to pull it off yet. It does fall over his eyes every once in awhile, but since he's a big fan of peek-a-boo this doesn't bother him too much! 

Baby's hair is growing back over him bald patch on the back of his head! Makes me very glad he's sitting up and spending more time on his tummy now. He has a layer of hair over his entire head, but some spots are thicker than others. He has a nice skunk patch on the very top of his head, making him look like he has a mohawk! I had planned on styling his hair in a fohawk once he had more hair... but this is built in! I get so many compliments on it. 

He is just so beautiful. Having a child is so humbling. Matt and I could not have dreamed up a more perfect child. He has such a peaceful, fun temperament and that smile... kills me every time! Plus, he got both of the good parts of our looks and so far none of the traits we dislike about ourselves. We are so very thankful for his personhood. 

It makes me sad that Matt is missing this part of Jack's development. Jack is learning so much every day. The other day he wanted a toy that was just slightly out of his reach. He was sitting on a blanket. He pulled the blanket closer to himself until he could reach the toy! What a smart little baby! Daddy will be so proud of you!

Seriously! When I saw this hat I immediately fell in love. I plopped it on his head and Grammy said, "Ok, so we're getting that hat... and...". Oh Jack, you are going to be so spoiled by your mommy and Grammy! Living in Michigan could prove very dangerous! 

Jack is definitely teething. It may be awhile yet before those toofers pop through, but I'm just not sure. He continues to be our little drool monster. He loves chewing on his teething toys and sometimes fusses until I give him one. We haven't had to use any tylenol etc. yet. I did give him a little boo-boo ice pack the other day for his gummies and he LOVED it! I put his teething keys in the freezer so we'll see how he likes those! 

The past six months have taught me so much about myself. It has helped me learn about selflessness. I have always struggled with being a selfish person. I had purposely started trying to act selflessly towards Matthew in our marriage over the past couple years. It was certainly not easy and I backslid plenty of times. With Jackson, however, it does not seem like a chore. His needs come before my own. He is my shining star and I find great pleasure in caring for his needs above my own. In addition to this,  mothering Jackson has taught me about being a good wife. I know that to successfully parent I need to put my marriage first- before my relationship/love of Jack. In being selfless towards Jack I have been able to become more selfless towards Matt. Thank you, Jack, for teaching Mommy about humility and selflessness. 

Motherhood has been so much more than I ever imagined. I am so incredibly blessed.