Monday, October 01, 2012

27 Weeks

Another week gone. How does this keep happening? I thought weeks would slow down once I quit working and after we were moved. Nope. Wrong again! My little buddy is just grow grow growing away!

Jackson just LOVES spending time with his Papa. 

They fed the birds together and then watched them in the trees behind my parents' condo. Jackson loved being outside. We've been spending more time outside lately since it's cooler here than in Virginia. 

I just love this picture. Jackson is always such a happy baby, but his Papa makes him smile and laugh so much! 

Jackson has been having so much fun with his cousins. He has three boy cousins and two girl cousins here in Michigan. They have all been over to play with him and he is a favorite. Unfortunately, he cries when he plays with Ethan for some reason. I'm sure it's just a phase and there's probably something about Ethan's appearance that triggers it. I sure hope Jack grows out of it quickly because Ethan was so excited for Jack to get here. 

Brookie is the cousin closest to Jack's age. She took a little while to warm up to him and I, but by the time she went back to her house she was on the floor playing with Jack. She has requested a baby brother from her parents already, but baby Jack will need to suffice because she is the last child in the Winter clan. 

Jack has continued to nurse well. I'm going to try to spread out his feedings since sometimes he still eats every 1-2 hours. I don't mind that much, but I think it will help us get on a normal schedule again. When we are out he can go 4-5 hours between feedings so I know he is not starving when he wants to nurse when we're just playing at home. We'll see how it goes. 

I started trying some rice cereal with him. The first two days he LOVED it. His eyes sparkled and he opened his mouth for more. The second two days he has not cared for it. He will clamp his mouth shut and I have to trick him into laughing so his mouth opens. I try a few spoonfuls and if he eats it I continue but if he starts fussing and spits it out then I just let him nurse. I'm going to keep taking it slow and see how he does. 

See? You would think he loved rice cereal! Sigh. Hopefully he takes to solid foods. I think my milk supply is decreasing (just slightly) and he is becoming a big boy... so we need solid foods to fill the gap. 

He actually isn't too messy of an eater. Some will slide out of his mouth but he'll usually suck it back in! What a good boy. 

Jack has really been into textures lately. He loved playing with the grass when he was sitting in it. He can sit for several minutes and just scratch at Grammy's carpet. It is much thicker than our old carpet back home. Grammy also has wood and granite in her house that he likes to smack. He'll stare at something (like the back of a chair or the couch), reach for it, and when I put him close to it he'll scratch at the fabric. He is learning through his sense of touch. 

Another new texture, Papa's beard! 

Jack loves to play with toys. He has quite the collection of toys, but he likes them all. Even if there are a few toys in front of him that he can reach, if he wants a different toy he'll stare at it until it's put close enough for him to grab. He rotates with his toys. Grammy bought this giant o'ball and he loves it! 

My little Boog just gets more and more handsome with each day. He smiles at everyone. He is such an incredibly happy baby. Today he was a little fussy, but when I say fussy, I mean he wasn't smiling 100% of the time. I think his fussy day would be pretty comparable to other kids' good days. It really isn't so bad. On fussy days for Jack he just wants to be held. No complaints from this Momma! 

And then there are those feet. Loves his feet! 

We miss his Daddy a lot, but WE GOT OUR FIRST PHONE CALL! It was so amazing to hear his voice, even if it was just for a minute or two. He talked a little to Jack and Jack looked at me immediately and smiled! I know most people won't agree, but I really do think he recognized Matt's voice. He may not be thinking, "Oh, that's my Dad," quite yet, but I do think he recognized it. It made him happy. He hears it when we watch Storytime with Daddy. Matt is doing well. He thinks the worst is over and so far each step/training hasn't been as bad as he anticipated. I think he and I both tend to imagine the worst and then are pleasantly surprised when life isn't quite that bad. I cannot wait for Jack and Matt to reunited. I, of course, am so excited just to be with Matt again. I always miss him, but hearing his voice made me more emotional than I expected. Being apart isn't easy, but I am so proud of him. 

We love you Matt/Daddy!