Thursday, September 27, 2012

26 Weeks

Jackson was 26 Weeks this past Monday! We spent the day traveling from Virginia to Michigan with Grammy and Papa. Jackson proved to be such a good little traveler. He napped well and only fussed when he was overdue for a feeding or diaper change (which is pretty understandable). 

I used this picture for his 26 Week Weekly Picture. My mom had bought this cover for me so this is the first time Jackson sat in a high chair! He loved it! Made it so much easier for Mommy to eat.

Jackson had quite the busy week. Not only was Mommy finishing packing up the house, but also Mommy was trying to see all her friends before moving away! We were able to go visit Mommy's friend Viv and her new baby, Josiah. He was so small! I could just sit and hold a newborn all day! Jackson did well looking at Josiah for awhile... then got jealous that Mommy was holding another baby. So Viv and I each held our own babies while we talked. 

Jackson was such a good boy while Mommy finished packing. I did a lot of packing and cleaning after Jack settled down for the night. That made for a couple really late nights, but it all got done in the end. I am so thankful for such a well behaved little baby. His schedule was very irregular since I would have to go out to get more packing supplies often. Poor baby has had very strange eating and sleeping schedules. Hopefully we can get him back on track. He was still such a cooperative baby though. 

Jackson met his first doggies when we went over to Dara's (my old boss and friend) house. She has two large Huskies. They were eager to lick the new baby. Jack was a little apprehensive about them at first since they were so big. Colbie (in picture) licked Jack and he didn't like that too much. Once I got him out of his carseat he liked petting the fluffy dogs as long as I was holding him. He smiled and laughed at them. A good sign since we hope to have a fluffy large dog some day! (German Shepherd or Bernese Mountain Dog)

Jack got to spend a lot of time with Mommy's friends. He will miss all the attention, but I'm sure our family will give him plenty of snuggles and attention while we're in Michigan. I am so glad I get to devote my time completely to him now as opposed to having to focus on packing and cleaning and take breaks to play with him. 

This week we wrote Daddy a few letters. I let Jack scribble all over a piece of paper for us to send. He had pretty good form when he held the crayon! He mainly tried to chew on the end of the crayon and the scribbles are a result of where his hand went as he did that. It came out pretty cute though. 

Here is the finished product that we sent to Daddy. 

On the back I traced his hands so Daddy can see how big Jack is getting. He started chewing on the paper so I outlined those areas thinking they might dry funny, but once they dried you couldn't even tell. At least Daddy would know that Jack was sending him kisses. 

On Friday the moving truck was delivered. On Saturday the movers came to load up the truck. They ended up saving us a lot of money by fitting all our belongings in 7 feet of space! The truck is prorated by the amount of feet used, so this was a nice surprise. Jack loved watching the movers load up the truck. It was nice to get outside for awhile too. 

Jackson is just getting so big! He is so good at sitting up now. He still topples over sometimes, but he can play for a good while before he does that now. He still babbles and talks to his toys. When I eat or sing the alphabet he moves his mouth to mimic what I'm doing. It will be so much fun once he learns how to talk. Of course, then I know the question stage will follow soon after! 

I am so thankful for Jack. He has made this time apart from Matthew and this move so much better than it could have been. Every time I get sad he smiles at me and gives me a big ole hug. He is truly the best baby. Sorry to all the other Mommies out there. But my baby is the cutest, best baby! ;-)