Thursday, September 27, 2012

25 Weeks

This post is delayed since our internet was turned off before our move. So here's the update! The pictures loaded out of order so I'll paste what I wrote on his 25 week mark and then caption the pictures. 

25 Weeks

Jackson has been a busy busy baby this week! One week shy of 6 months, the growth/learning spurt has begun! It is so incredible to watch his little mind learn things. It’s almost like I can physically see the cogs turning in his head as he puts things together.

First, some basics: Jackson continues to have a healthy appetite. I try to feed him one bottle a day, which usually means about 2-3 feedings. He will eat between 0.5 ounces and 4 ounces at a time on average. Normally he’ll go 2-4 hours between feedings. I’ve found that if he’s distracted he’ll go longer between feedings- which is why I love play dates. Baby is a good sleeper, but that is not to say he sleeps through the night. I don’t really mind, but it will sure be nice to know what a solid 8 hours feels like. He did sleep for a solid 8 hours one night this week, which has never happened before, but in the middle of that he sleep-fussed so I rocked him until he settled back down. So Mommy didn’t get a solid 8 hours, but at least baby is going longer stretches without eating.  Typically he’ll wake up every 3-5 hours at night to eat. The good news, while I’m feeding him I can nod back to sleep. The bad news, I don’t know if that good news is actually good news since it has potential for disaster! So far though, we’ve been perfectly safe while feeding/sleeping.


Jackson can sit up on his own now! Now, he cannot stay sitting up indefinitely yet. He can go for about 20-25 seconds before he topples over. So far he’s toppled over trying to reach for a toy just out of his grasp. I’ve tried to distract him with a toy to see how long he can stay up, but he always wants a different toy (even if it’s all the way across the room)! He looks so cute sitting up!

Jackson has also learned how to inch-worm crawl backwards! I’ve noticed that he’s moved a few times after I set him on a blanket. So I put him with his head at the very top of the blanket and watched. He proceeded to inch inch inch, with his behind in the air one second and then his head and arms pushed up the next, his way to the very bottom of the blanket! He would look up and smile at me each step of the way. What a little cutie! Next comes full fledged crawling!

Jackson has also learned about big people eating. I haven’t started him officially on solid foods yet, but he has been watching Mommy eat and understands that when there’s something in my hand and I put it to my mouth I am eating. I used to put food near his mouth to see if he would open his mouth for a taste. He never did. This week, I put a small piece of cheese and a cookie near his mouth and both times he immediately lunged for it, mouth wide open! I just let him suck on both for a bit, no breaking off pieces for him to chew on yet. Not until he gets some little teethers. He has had little tastes of frozen yogurt, ice cream, watermelon, cheese, and oatmeal raisin cookie.

Jackson continues to make friends wherever he goes. We’ve been making lots of trips to Walmart for more packing supplies as needed. I’ve found that bubble wrap, tape, bins, and even boxes are cheapest there. Hopefully the Army will pay for moving supplies from here on out. Each time we go to Walmart he smile at all the people we pass. The cashiers especially like him. I’m glad we can brighten their day a little.

This week in church nursery he stayed awake the whole time. Normally he  takes at least a little nap. When I picked him up they said he was happy and smiley the whole time. Of course, they loved him. When I picked him up a few of the other babies were crying but the workers were busily getting kids to the right parents so they weren’t able to just hold the crying babies like normal. Jackson loves being with people, but he is also content to play by himself in a swing, jumperoo, or exersaucer. So it’s makes the nursery workers lives a little easier.

Jackson also had his first baby sitter this week! Friday was my last official day on payroll with Liberty University. Part of HR policy is that workers have to come in on their last day. So I had been using vacation/sick time the past two weeks but still had to go in Friday. I dropped Jack off at my friend, Candace’s, house early Friday morning. She has a one-year-old, Carter, and a new baby on the way- due in November. This would be good practice for her with having two children! She says Jack did well all day, which he seemed to do, but she also wouldn’t tell me if he was fussy. She’s a good friend like that. She sent me pictures and a video throughout the day and Jack and Carter seemed to be playing nicely together. I am so thankful for a friend like Candace who is willing to watch my baby for me.

We have missed Daddy a lot this week. Since Matt was heldover for the next Basic group he was able to call every day. It was so nice for us to be able to talk to him every day. Matt left on Friday to officially begin Basic training- that means maybe 1 or 2 phone calls before we see him in November for his graduation. At least we have Story Time with Daddy (recorded videos) to watch each day.

Jackson makes my job as Mommy so much easier. He is such a joy and so easy going. When we get to Michigan I plan to have a schedule for him. I hope to also get involved with some play times for him. I am scheduled to be part of my mom’s MOPS group at her church. I may also go with my sister to her Mommy group (not sure what it’s called or what it’s like) or her Bible study with her church. I haven’t decided yet where Jack and I will be attending for sure. I attended both the mentioned churches in high school. But if I am involved with those groups then Jack will get some nursery time. I also want to have play dates with my Mommy friends in the area- of course; in Michigan the weather is always a factor. I would love to have park dates, but if it gets cold fast who knows. But I definitely don’t want to just sit at home all day with Jackson on my own. I want him to have interactions with others just as much as I want that for my own well-being!

Thank you, Jackson, for an amazing 25 weeks!

Carter and Jackson. Carter's Mommy babysat Jack while I went in for my last day of work. This was his first time with a babysitter.

Carter is preparing to be a big brother in November. This was good practice for him. 

25 weeks.

Little squirt. (like in Finding Nemo!)

Baby sitting up on his own! Big boy!

Baby played so well by himself while Mommy packed. Every couple of hours we would take a break to play together, but he let me stay busy as long as he could see me in the room with him.