Wednesday, September 12, 2012


I used to think that the name "Cricket" was adorable. I would never name my child that, but thought about a possibly nickname for a future daughter. I know a girl who was dubbed "Cricket" and, of course, from my favorite show- Izzie Stevens goes by "Cricket" to her mother. 

That all is changing. Fast! 

The crickets seemed alarmingly loud right before Matt left. I asked him if he thought that annoying chirp was inside the house. He said no and we left it at that. 

It WAS in the house. 

Not only that, but it and several of it's little friends/relatives/and offspring appear to also be residing inside my house. 

So I developed a system for my packing, kinda. Now that the bookshelves and desk are gone from our living room I vacuumed that side of the room real well. As I pack up a box, I stack it over there. If I need more room then I vacuum some more and begin a new pile. Now that the packing is about 65% done, the house looks much more bare and sounds more echo-y. There is a lot more open space too since the table and chairs are gone and the loveseat was picked up today. 

I have noticed a few crickets here and there. Grabbed them with a tissue and flushed them away. Bu-bye nasty little crickets! I figured they got in when I was bringing in groceries or something. 


I noticed that in the opposite corner of the room from my boxes that the cats had previously been digging at the carpet over there. They would do this often and also along that wall. I figured there were bugs there, but again, didn't think much of it. 

Last night I saw a nasty black cricket sitting in the corner (actually on the wall vertically) chirping away. I got up to try to catch it but it slide under the carpet. Ineteresting. I saw that cricket (or so I thought) a few more times today in the same general area. 

Tonight I put baby down to sleep and go downstairs to get my water bottle. I see two crickets in the middle of my living room! I catch them and flush them. Nasty. Then, I see the Big Daddy of them all! Caught him and flushed him. Now, these crickets were all of varying sizes. This suggests that not only is the carpet messed up in that corner, but there is a passage way for crickets from the outside into my house! Nasty nasty nasty! 

As we have killed a black widow in our front doorway, I have seen a spider the size of a quarter hanging outside my son's window, and there are at least three large nasty brown spiders in between the screen of our porch door and the actual glass door... this does not make me feel very comfortable! Our property office is supposed to spray for bugs every three months. I don't think has happened for the past year or so though because we haven't gotten notices about when they were going to do it. So... if the crickets can get in then so can the spiders! I already have killed a couple spiders in the house. 

I am SO glad we are moving! But of course, now I'm worried about these creepy crawlies getting into my boxes etc. and making nasty nests and then when we take our stuff out of storage there will be lots of nasty bugs all over the place and my clothes etc will be ruined with bug larvae. 


Needless to say, the nickname of "Cricket" is very unappealing right now.