Monday, August 13, 2012

20 Weeks

Big man is 20 Weeks old! Around this time in pregnancy I was learning that he was indeed a boy. I am so so happy he is a little boy. Yes, already it makes me sad to think of him falling in love and getting his heart broken and finding "her" and then Mommy won't be the most important person in his life anymore. Sigh.

Seriously. Cutest baby ever. And yes, I may be biased... but tell me he's not? I dare you!

So we started this week off celebrating Mommy's 25th birthday. I knew I wanted to be married by 20 (check) and have my first baby by my 25th birthday (check)! Birthdays are so much more fun with children are involved! Getting older isn't such a bad thing when you're a mommy and you get to watch your little one grow with you!

This (below) is my new favorite picture of Jack and I. He is such a happy baby. I feel like this picture sums him up perfectly. He is generally very smiley, happy, loves to be held, and loves his Mommy. He was the best birthday surprise last year and he made my birthday so wonderful this year!

We went to the Hibachi Buffet (I thought it sounded good... I like the dessert options) and Jack got his first taste of watermelon! He LOVED it. I have a video on facebook. He screeched a bit when Mommy took it away and then got all red the second time I took it away. I'm so glad he likes watermelon. Daddy doesn't like it so we were a bit nervous.

Baby also is growing! He can still fit in his rock and play sleeper, but we thought it wise to move him into his pack n play. We moved it from downstairs up to the foot of the bed. I'm trying to wean him off falling asleep with Mommy. The first night in the pack n play he fell asleep on his own and stayed in the pack n play for about 4 hours before fussing.

He loved scratching the sides of the pack n play. Every time I put him in there he scratches it. It's so fun to watch him learn about different things. He knows that it feels different than the pillows or blankets he normally plays with.

He is such a good little sleeper. Still not sleeping through the night, but he did have a 7 hour stretch one night this week. He generally wakes for a mid-night feeding, which I think is still normal. He is a good eater though. He has begun eating more at one time and going longer between feedings. He still does fine with a bottle during the day and nurses in the evenings and weekends. I am so glad he still likes to nurse. It truly is a bonding experience with my baby. It's hard to explain, but it makes me feel like I'm providing for my baby in a way no one else can. He has become a much more distracted eater overall. He especially gets distracted if Mommy talks! He will stop eating and look right at Mommy like, "Hey! I'm trying to eat here!"

As seen in this picture (below), Jackson has begun rolling over. There's a video of this on facebook too.  He is now purposeful in his rolling over and does it almost every time we set him on his back. He likes to roll over and prop himself up on his forearms. He rolls towards toys he wants, towards Mommy, or just because. He rolls over when he sleeps too, which worries Mommy a little bit. But I think he would move his head/ nose if he couldn't breathe.

He giggles much more often now. Just today he started giggling (instead of just smiling) when we play peek-a-boo. Video of that also on facebook. He giggles in his sleep and there's nothing quite like the peace of that noise. He is so perfectly calm and happy while he sleeps and then the giggles just bring joy to my heart. He also giggles every time I wash his neck in the bath. At first I thought it was just because he thought it was funny, but after the third time I know he has a ticklish spot!

Mommy and Jack went for a walk with Mommy's friend, Danielle, her little boy, Elijah, and the boy she watches, Jack. We went for a two hour walk on a shaded trail. Whew- good workout for Mommy! Elijah loves "baby Jack" and loves to hang out with him. Jack loves watching the big boys too... but he falls asleep during walks. 

Jack has mastered sucking his thumb. While I know this isn't the best habit for him, it's so darn cute! Plus it's so much more convenient than a paci, which he still spits out. He still sucks on his fingers and fists... but most of the time he sticks just the thumb in there. Adorable. 

Mommy has learned some lessons about parenthood. Don't expect to be able to clean your entire house in one fell swoop! I used to be able to do that. I was able to do all the laundry, all the dishes, vacuum the downstairs, and super clean the half bath over the weekend. That is a tremendous success! I was sad I didn't have time to vacuum the upstairs and super clean the full bath... but that will come this weekend, I suppose. I also have had some muffins I've wanted to bake for months. Just don't have time for that! Someday.

I read somewhere that having a child is having your heart walk around outside of you. So true!