Monday, August 13, 2012


I am constantly reminded how petty my problems are.

I worry about my meeting tomorrow with one of our partners who we want to "break up" with. I should not be worried as my Associate Director, Director, and Executive Director will be attending... so really all I have to do is sit there and smile pretty.

I worry that my kitties are sad that they are no longer in our home. Really they probably are enjoying their new home much more as they get lots of pets and get played with every day.

I worry that I haven't had time to paint my nails over the weekend. I mean honestly, how will I get through the business day with chipping nails? Especially since I wear clear polish on my fingernails anyways?

I worry about going to JiffyLube after work to get my engine belt looked at. It's been making this strange squealing noise ever since I had it replaced in June. I'm not worried about them actually checking it out... I'm worried that I'll then be stuck in 5 o'clock traffic... which in Lynchburg means 10-15 minutes longer of a commute than my normal 12 minutes commute. Oh dear, a whole 27 minutes from work to home? It cannot be!

I worry that every day I drive onto campus in the morning there appears to be less and less parking to accomodate the construction. Yet, we have a larger resident student body than previously and we keep hiring more and more staff. There already was a large shortage of parking.

Those are just a glimpse of my worries... but all are around the same level. Pretty low key.

I am reminded how petty these are because:

1) I have heard of three accidents recently where children have been hit by cars in the area. One was killed and the other two are in serious condition. One of them is the grandson of the administrative assistance of my office. She is amazing and it has been incredible watching God work miracles in her grandson. He is slowly healing and my entire office (and the LU body) continues to pray for further recovery.

2) My Associate Director's (and friend) grandmas passed away last month within a week of each other. Yesterday her husband's grandma passed away also. I cannot imagine. I have a special relationship with each of my three living grandparents. Matt's grandparents are also amazing, special, and loving people. I would not hold up well if they passed within a month of each other.

3) My brother-in-law is currently serving in Afghanistan. He has been keeping us updated on the happenings in his immediate area. It's not good. At all. And the majority of the American population don't realize how real the war still is.  It's hard to think straight with him over there in the thick of it all. His family and ours has become an Army family. He is a Captain in the Army and his little brother is training to enter Special Forces. Matt is scheduled to leave for Basic Training on January 22. He will then enter Officer Candidate School. Three men in the service during war time. Deep breath.

Plus, I have such an amazing little family. I have a wonderful husband who constantly reaffirms me (except when he doesn't! ... which is a semi-joke between the two of us). I have a perfect baby who never ceases to brighten my day (or night- as he insists on sleeping with Mommy as opposed to his own bed!). Said baby is 20 weeks old today! Post coming this evening on that. Normally I take his weekly picture in the morning before work since he's super smiley in the mornings. But... he decided to sleep in! When I woke up I fed him and he slept through the whole thing (imagine being able to eat while sleeping? How glorious that must be!), I changed his diaper while he slept, and passed him off to Daddy while he slept! Good baby!