Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Mental Break

Yes, another post.

Somedays you just need a mental break. Today is one of those days for me.

I am overly emotional plus it has been a stressful workday. My Director and Associate Director are out of town and a lot of projects have piled up that require their assistance or approval. I have been able to pluck away at my projects and will have them all completed and waiting approvals upon my supervisors return, but it is still stressful none-the-less.

There has also been a work issue with one of our partnerships we are trying to finalize. We are trying to be patient with this partner, but they have breached the contract regarding marketing and we are trying to get back on base with them. It has been going around in circles and has given me a headache.

Thankfully, baby slept very well last night. He woke up to eat around 4:20 am so I still had at least an hour to sleep before my alarm went off. That is so nice as opposed to his waking up at 5:30 am, which means I won't even bother going back to sleep. That extra bit of sleep has helped me get through this day.

Daddy posted a video on facebook of baby looking at my picture and smiling. That definitely warmed my heart and helped me to calm down.

I have been trying to decide what I want for my birthday (which is exactly two weeks away). I settled on a pair of shoes. I ordered those shoes today. Nothing like shoe shopping to lighten my mood. Of course, I won't have them for 5 more business days. And even then, I won't use them until my birthday. I just wanted to be sure they were here on time. Hopefully they fit. I'll be sad if I have to exchange them and wait for the right sized pair.

Ok. Mental break over. Back to the fray for the last stretch of the day.

Here's hoping tomorrow is better.