Thursday, July 26, 2012

Fitness Failure

Full disclosure: I am failing miserably at my July fitness goal. I am not even going to bother posting how many days out of this month I have managed to do my abs. Let's just say that at the end of the month it will be more than half, but less than all 31 days... which was the original goal.

My schedule looks like this- wake up to feed baby between 4:30-6, depending on when he happens to wake up. Try to go back to sleep. Just barely doze off and the alarm goes off at 6:15. Wake up and get ready for the day, while also trying to occupy baby who is now wide awake. Feed baby one last time before leaving the house. Pass baby off to Daddy. Work 8-5. Drive home. With traffic, I get home around 5:30. Make and eat dinner (often Daddy has dinner ready and waiting for me). Alternate between feeding and playing with baby. Give baby bath on odd days. Rock baby to sleep between 8-10 depending on baby. Try to get some me-time in by hulu-ing some shows. Generally fall asleep before even one show is over.

Where in that schedule is there time for abs? My ab routine takes about 20 minutes in the quick version. Sigh. I will renew this goal for the month of August and hopefully do much better. We'll see how it goes.