Thursday, July 26, 2012

4 Months

Jackson Matthew was born 4 Months ago today.

This past month has actually seemed to slow down. I think it was returning to work that did it. I expected time to go so quickly, but it seems like he was 3 months for a long time. I am thankful that the time seems to be slowing down. I want to savor his baby-ness as much as I can! Before I know it he will be walking and then it will feel like he's always running away from me. Sigh, the plight of a mother.

 I love this shot of his feet! I tried to cross his ankles at first, but that looked real awkward. He sprawled out like normal and I decided to shoot his feet and try to crop it later. I loved the full picture though! Relaxation at it's finest! 

This is another one of my favorites. When I first took it I was real close to him and taking a series of pictures. I was a little disappointed with how the lighting turned out but planned to b&w the series so it didn't appear so washed out. A little accenting and He is so beautiful! 

Tomorrow is his 4 month check up. I will add to this post then with his stats. Can't wait to see his percentiles! I think he's still short and his weight has been evening out. I wouldn't be surprised if he's still near the 50% like his 2 month checkup.

{{July 27, 2012}}

Jack had his 4 month well child checkup today. Shout out: I have amazing bosses who are extremely understanding/awesome. They appreciate my hard work and know how important Dr. appointments are to mommies. So I was able to leave work a little early today so I could go with Jack to his appointment.  I am quite proud of myself, however. I was able to get more accomplished in my partial day of work than was on my original to do list. It's nice to leave the work week with a light load for the following week.

So Matt and baby meet me at the pediatrician's office. Our appointment was scheduled for 3:50 pm. Generally we get in right when our appointment is scheduled. Today, however, it seemed like the "sick waiting" room was overflowing! I am so thankful this office has separate "sick waiting" and "well waiting" rooms... even though they're only separated by a partial wall. When it became 4:30, Matt went back home so he could start dinner when I was leaving the office after the appointment. What a thoughtful husband!

Around 4:50 Jack and I went back to our room. He is 25 inches long- 50th percentile. He weighs 15 pounds 4 ounces- 50th percentile. His head circumference is 16.5 inches- 50-75th percentile. I guess that means baby boy heads don't differ too much in size! I think previously I had put head circumference in cm, obviously that is wrong and I should have known that. But it didn't say cm or in. on the paper I get and I checked a typical head growth chart online and it was listed in cm. That would be one tiny little head if it was in cm! Either way, I was right, Jack is right in the 50th percentile again. He is a very average sized baby, which is not surprising at all.

Dr. Gagen came in to check him out. Everything looked good! She lay him on his tummy and he held up his head and chest, nice and strong. She sat him up and he did a good job holding himself up straight... but not quite completely without support yet. She said he is a picture perfect baby! I have to agree. He did some nice babbling for her and smiled real big. What a happy little boy.

While we were waiting for the nurse to come in with his shots, Jack and I looked at the painted planets on the wall. I pointed to them in random order and he followed my finger and looked at each planet in turn. I mixed it up a bit but he was doing such a great job tracking. He's learning so much!

The nurse came in and Jack was smiling at her. She said that made it so much more difficult. I wrapped his hand around my fingers and that first prick was so sad. His eyes shot wide open, he leg jerked, and then the startled cry came. Big ole tears spilled down his face and his cries quickly escalated as the other two shots were given. On his other leg for the third shot he jerked his leg too. As soon as we were done I scooped him up and snuggled him close. He settled down quickly but big tears were still spilling onto his cheeks every few seconds and his lip was pooching out. He quivered, "Mum! Mum! Mum!" Call me crazy, but I swear he was really talking to me! His normal cry is very much a "Wuh! Wah!" sound. Daddy and I say "Mama. Mama." over and over to him. Maybe he's learning? I would LOVE that.

I held him as I put his diaper bag on my back and put my purse over my shoulder. By the time we left the room and went to check out he was calm. He still pooched his lip out and his eyes were red, but he wasn't fussing or screaming. What a champ!

He made it till about 8:30 before he started fussing. Then he let out a wail that was not for hunger or tiredness. I gave him a dose of baby tylenol, nursed him, and put him to bed. Last round of shots he slept a lot more than usual that evening and the next day. We'll see how tomorrow goes. I want to use as little baby tylenol as possible, but it helped him so much last round. I'm certainly not opposed to using it if he's uncomfortable.

His next well child visit will be when he is 6 months old. More shots, unfortunately. Poor baby.

I  am so thankful to have a healthy, happy baby. He brings so much joy into my life just through his smile and content spirit. I cannot imagine how much more difficult life could be if he were a different baby with a different temperament. I have been blessed beyond measure. I seriously don't think there is a happier, more well-behaved little baby boy out there.

Love my baby!