Monday, July 30, 2012

18 Weeks

Another week gone by. Boogey is ever growing in stature and personality. And we're loving every minute of it!

Boogey is now 18 Weeks. Our primary nickname for him has become "Booger". We use variation of this such as "Boog", "The Boog", "Boogey", and "Boogey Bear". 

Last post I gave his 4 month stats and mentioned that he got some shots. Well, around 3 am Friday night he woke up and vomited all over me. This was actual vomit and not just baby spit up. We got cleaned up and I rocked my baby back to a fitful sleep. All Saturday he was more fussy than normal. He wasn't taking any baby tylenol and he vomited a few more times. Thankfully, he didn't vomit every meal so he wasn't getting dehydrated that we could tell. He never spiked a fever, but he was warm. All day and night we left him in just his diaper. I gave him a bath, but half way through it he started to fuss so we cut it short. Halfway through the night we woke up for a feeding and he was clammy instead of warm. By morning he was feeling normal and smiley like his normal self. 

Here he is right when we got home from the Dr. Poor Boogey had three bandaids for his shots. 

Nothing like snuggling on mommy when you're sick. And nothing more a mommy wants to do than snuggle her sick baby. 

Baby also got some snuggles in with Daddy. It was sad because there were a few times Jack would just wail and it was a very different cry than his normal cries. It was a "I'm uncomfortable and I don't understand" cry. It make Daddy and Mommy very sad. 

Besides shots, Boogey had a busy week. This week he figured out his paci! I give it to him at night when he's settling down and it helps soothe him. He began to take it out of his mouth, look at it, and then put it back in. Smart baby! 

Boogey has also begun to appreciate peek-a-boo. Sometimes he's looking in the wrong direction when you pull the burp cloth away from his face, but most of the time he's looking right at you and he smiles when he sees your smiling face. It's so fun trying to get a reaction from him. He's such a fun baby! He also smiled at my picture when I was away. I was having a pretty difficult day at work and Daddy showed baby my picture and he smiled at it. Matt filmed this and posted it for me to watch at work. Nothing like your baby loving you to brighten a hard day! Apparently he also said, "Mum" when he was looking at the picture, but Daddy didn't get that on film. Baby has been saying "Mum" a lot when he is a little fussy. I like to think he actually is saying he wants me! Normally his cry sounds like "Wuh Wuh Wah" so "Mum" is different. 

Jack's new thing is sucking on his lower lip. Daddy noticed this and Mommy and Daddy get a good chuckle out of it when Jack does it. He looks so silly (above picture). Mommy began doing it back to Jack and popping her mouth open into an "O" shape. Jack began giggling at the popping noise so Mommy and Daddy do it over and over trying to elicit those giggles. Sometimes it works, sometimes baby just smiles. Either way, a happy baby makes a happy Mommy and Daddy! 

When Matt was little he rode his bike around for a good long while. He then proceeded to fall asleep on the doorstep! His mom took some pictures of this and we still laugh at it. Well, Jackson looks like he'll follow in his Daddy's footsteps! I came home from work and bounced upstairs to see my baby and saw him asleep on the bed next to Daddy. 

He had been rolling over and right after he got onto his side he fell fast asleep! Matt just left him there are Jack loves to sleep on his side. We try to put him on his back, but if we're sitting right there we leave him. It was so funny because he was twisted all around and his little butt was sticking up in the air. The pictures don't do it justice, but you get the general idea. Jack is getting pretty good at rolling over, but he only does it when he wants to. We haven't been able to coax him into a roll with toys or anything yet. 

Jackson remains a very happy baby. We are so grateful that he is happy, healthy, and growing. Matt and I will probably never get over how perfect he is. What have we done to deserve such a perfect baby? Well, nothing. It certainly is humbling, parenthood. 

One last story: tonight I was giving Jackson his odd-day bath. I began washing his neck (which he still dislikes) at the beginning because he was lifting his head up and cooing. As I washed his neck with the washcloth he began giggling! Daddy heard it from the office and laughed along with Jack and I. His little giggle is so sweet and perfect. I guess Jack has a little ticklish spot on his neck! There is nothing better than your baby's laugh. It is so uplifting. 

And with that, I wish you goodnight.