Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Slow Down

A few realizations.

This morning as I was commuting to work, I realized that even though I was running a little late (which isn't saying much since it typically takes about 12 minutes to reach the office) I wasn't rushed. I looked at the speedometer and I wasn't even speeding (I tyupically go 10 over). I was feeling refreshed and enjoying the commute. Virginia is truly beautiful and I was able to appreciate that on the drive.

I was not frustrated with drivers around me (it helped that others weren't doing stupid things like cutting in front of me without signaling), I wasn't worrying about drivers in front of me going too slow (which means only 5 over the limit), and I wasn't checking the clock every few seconds to freak about how late I was going to be (which doesn't really matter since my office is so lax as long as you're not hours late!). I was smiling along to my morning talk radio show (they were discussing illegitimate fears, my fears: that my teeth will fall out, the ocean, boogey men hiding in dark corners of the house, something grabbing my ankles from under the bed) and just feeling cheerful. I am not a morning person so this was abnormal.

Maybe it's itme for a life change? Time to slow down in the morning and just enjoy life.

I was also humbled in this area. I have been reading blogs and articles about the shooting in Colorado. It makes it seem more "real" when I hear about the victims and their personhood. When I hear survivor stories I praise God for their safety and health. I cannot imagine being in that situation and hope I never am. I pray my husband will remain safe from gunfire (and all else) throughout his military career. I pray peace for the families involved in the shooting. I pray I will not take a single moment for granted. I am blessed to come into work. I am blessed to wake four times through the night to feed my son. I am blessed to stretch my days as long as possible in order to do all my wife, mother, housekeeper, and personal duties. I am blessed just to wake up in the morning.

Life is short. Much shorter than most of us anticipate. Even if we are blessed to live a good 100 years or longer, life passes us by without our notice. Take advantage of it.