Tuesday, July 03, 2012

July Fitness Goal

So... the last week of June I set a fitness goal for myself for July.

And just now I realized it is July 3. This whole no power, not living in my home thing is really throwing me off!

So this is the plan: do my work towards my goal tonight, tomorrow morning do my work, tomorrow night do my work, Thursday morning do my work, Thursday night do my work, Friday on out do my work once a day. Evens it out, right? I'm glad I realized it today instead of later in the week!

So here's the goal: do my abs routine every single day. I haven't yet figured a time to go to the gym so I figure abs is a good place to start since I can do them in my living room or bedroom when baby is sleeping.

When I am not working I just want to be with Jack. In the mornings before work and immediately when work is finished for the day, I can't get enough of my baby boy! Makes fitting in gym trips difficult. Plus, since the pounds keep coming off I don't feel the pressure.

Maybe in the month of August I'll begun fitting in cardio videos I can do at home to my goal. We'll see how this month goes. I used to jumprope a lot. Maybe that will be my cardio. Maybe I'll go for walks with Jack for cardio. But we'll just take it one month at a time.

I have certainly lost all my baby fat, but now it's time to begin tightening up those muscles again! Although, baby has helped define my arms! He recently has like to play horsey while the horsey is lying flat on the ground. That is a great ab workout. So it's not like my muscles have been completely lax recently. But working on them more specifically certainly won't hurt!