Monday, July 02, 2012

14 Weeks

Jackson is 14 Weeks Old! he is looking more and more like a little boy (and like his Daddy) every day as opposed to a little baby. See? He looks like he's sitting up all on his own, but really he's still super supported by the couch.

This week we used his new umbrella stroller. We got the Chicco Ct 0.6, which incidentally is the same one his Aunt Jamie got for his cousin, Waverly! I loved the green color and the fact that it has a basket underneath. Since it's so sunny, we also used baby sun block to keep his delicate skin safe.

Jackson loves to go for walks and see new things. He is much happier in this stroller since he can see in front instead of being in his carseat. He's not quite big enough to sit on his own in the jogger quite yet. On our not-family-vacation (to be explained in later) we sit him in the stroller to talk to him and play with him. He loves it!

This Friday Virginia had a major storm. There were 70 mph winds that tore down a lot of power lines and trees in our neighborhood. There was an uprooted tree that's roots were almost as tall as I am! With that, we lost power on Friday night and have not recovered it yet.

We made our way to Liberty on Saturday and sat in the air conditioned office. Jackson had a lot of fun playing with Mommy and Daddy. He also took a nice nap in the cool office. He was not pleased when we went home to our sauna of a house though. We decided it would be best to camp out in my office for the night. We have been here ever since!

This is Mommy and Jackson sleep area behind one of the desks. There are two desks in the office my Associate Director and I share. Thankfully, we have a door so we can have some privacy.

We feel a bit like refugees, but it has been a nice time just with family. We're hoping to get a room on East Campus tonight. We got a call that we should get a room soon... but that was 4 hours ago...

Milestones: Jackson laughed for Daddy this week! He even got it on film. Jackson was smiling real big when Daddy played horsey with him so Daddy thought he would film it to show Mommy. While he was playing horsey Jackson laughed a full laugh! It was so adorable and Daddy and Mommy have probably watched the video hundreds of times since then. Jack has yet to replicate the sound, but we eagerly await it!

Ouchies: Jackson did have a little accident this week. He fell off the bed for the first time. He landed on the boppy so he wasn't hurt at all, just scared. We are so thankful he was ok and will be super careful from now on.

Playing: Jackson learned a new sound. He makes this gurgly sound over and over and over again. He has also added a hum to that sound. He began making it when we did "motorcycle lips". I don't know what else to call them. It's when you blow out and your lips flap? I call it "motocycle lips" because when I was a baby my mom would ask, "What does a motorcycle say?" and I would make that noise. He began doing it in response to Daddy making that noise and now he does it all on his own all the time. Super cute.

He has still been eating and sleeping the same.

Short post as we're in cramped quarters and baby needs attention.