Thursday, July 05, 2012

Refugees No More

The pictures in this post show examples of the damage done in Lynchburg by the storm this past weekend. All pictures are from my friend, Danielle Christine Puig. There were so many downed trees and power lines down our streets. It was sad and humbling to see.

As of this morning, we are refugees no more! Matt stopped by the house and we have power! Thank the Lord! Over my lunch break we packed up our room on East Campus and turned in our keys. What a blessing to be part of an organization like Liberty University who opens space for families in need.

We had a room to ourselves on East Campus, which is the apartment style dorms. It was comfortable enough for myself, my husband, and my baby. We don't need a lot and we now understand all the luxuries we have come to enjoy in our every day lives.

We are so thankful for the air conditioning, fridge, and free room provided to us. We had searched for a hotel before these rooms opened and now are so thankful we did not have to pay the hundreds of dollars it would have cost to stay there for the nights we were without power. We had many friends throughout the week who offered their homes to us as their power came back on. We are truly blessed to be part of such a helpful community.

It will be nice for Jack to be in his normal environment again. While we brought some of his toys with him, he will have much more variety and stimulation at home. The cats won't be neglected and over heated. The husband will be able to shoot zombies on his computer/PS3/Xbox 360 again. I will be able to... do whatever it is I do in the evenings after work!

Even though it was only 5 days... it seems like so much longer! It was exhausting not having power and being out of our home. I'm not exactly sure why, but I was ready for bed immediately after work each night. If I didn't have to care for Jack I could have been quite happy to settle down at 5:30 every night!

I am so thankful that our house and belongings are in tact. I am thankful our air conditioning is working again. I am thankful to get back to life as normal.