Monday, June 25, 2012


I could possibly have 4 posts today if Baby lets me post once I get home. I finally have the pictures from his dedication so I can do a Father's Day/Dedication post. Plus Jack's 13 Week Post. The post from earlier. And now this one. This is what happens when you have a baby- multiple posts in one day!

So, here are some tidbits that have been on my mind recently:

*What is it with people and not washing their hands after going to the restroom? I don't care if you don't think anything got on you (does stuff normally get on your when you go to the restroom? ew). With how much stuff you touch everyday, washing your hands can never be a bad thing. If you use the excuse that you "use hand sanitizer"... that doesn't cut it! Hand sanitizer is not a replacement for soap. The germs are still on your hands when you use sanitizer. Plus, sanitizer dries out your skin so it shouldn't be used exclusively anyways. Gross, people. You would think the embarrassment of walking out of the restroom without washing your hands would be enough to get people to do it. I mean, when other people are standing there and you leave the stall and just walk out? They can't see if you use hand sanitizer. They just think you're a dirty person. Note to self: never shake that person's hand.

*Unfriending people on facebook. When I was just starting facebook (in 2004) I friended everyone I knew. This wasn't hard since facebook was still young and only allowed those with a college email to join. I kept up this habit as facebook grew. Now I have to go back through and unfriend people I don't actually know, don't like, or don't talk to. Some of these people will never notice (a lot of LU people I friended before I got here because I thought we all would be best friends or kids from high school who were in elementary school when I was already in college), but others may notice and take offense. I don't mean any offense. I just don't want to have so many friends to keep tabs on! Plus, with my son and the pictures/ videos I post you never can be too careful. I don't think I have many sketchy people on facebook though. The really awkward part: unfriending someone who has recently written on your wall or your pictures. What to do?

*I don't understand it when people "Reply to All" when that isn't necessary. The "Reply" button comes before the "Reply to All", so it should be reflex to click that. So do these people purposefully click "Reply to All" and then act like it was a mistake? Or are they dislexic with email buttons and the "Reply to All" button appears before the "Reply" to their mind? Are they really in such a hurry that they can't check their work so they don't mistakenly as the entire office if they can switch shifts on Saturday? I don't understand. Not even a little bit.

*It really bothers me when people do not read all the details of an email. That is why I put the information in the email in the first place. I ask questions I need the answers to and sometimes answer questions the receiving party may have. But no, the response I get does not take this into account. We go around and around in circles when it all could have been a simple send, receive, respond communication.

*I hate how after breaking in a new pair of heels I can't wear normal shoes for a week. Anything that rubs against the back of my heel is out until the blisters have healed. The good news: after that first wear the heels are great. It's just that initial wear-in that kills my feet. I suppose it's worth it?

The end.