Monday, June 25, 2012

Things I miss:

Things I miss since having a baby:

*time to go to the gym
*doing the dishes in one go-round, I usually have to stop in the middle (or three times) because baby is fussing
*doing the laundry/ putting laundry away in one go-round
*sleeping through the night
*watching a movie without occupying baby so he doesn't watch the screen
*being able to blog whenever I want
*painting nails without being rushed (since Daddy has baby)
*taking a long shower
*giving attention to the kitties
*having normal boobs
*reading before bed- baby likes to bed held even once he's asleep and it's hard to read without disturbing him

Things that make up for the above list (in corresponding order):

*Nursing taking off all my baby weight plus some
*Having enough dishes that we don't have to do the dishes every night to eat
*having a husband who doesn't mind living out of laundry baskets!
*waking up to nurse my son- such an amazing experience
*playing with my smiley baby (much better than any movie)
*fast typing speed (approx. 70 wpm) to make the most of the free moments I have
*a husband willing to occupy baby while I have some "girly" time
*finally having a reason to shorten my morning prep time- I spent entirely too much time "beautifying" before, time to be a little less vain
*Emily not peeing on things and taken the transition to home with a baby well
*being able to nourish my son
*snuggling with my sleeping son- nothing in the world compares

Most changes in life come with pros and cons. I'd say that this whole "parenthood" thing comes with way more pros than cons. This is just a new stage of life. I am adjusting to my new schedule and my new responsibilities. I honestly wouldn't have it any other way. Being a mommy is much more fulfilling than being a free agent. Being a wife is fulfilling as well, but that is a more equal relationship- Matt and I work together in that relationship. Being a mommy requires so much more selflessness as Jack requires so much more attention and relies on Matt and I for everything. He does give us satisfaction, joy, and love... but that is non-purposeful.

One big pro: I have an amazing partner to go through parenthood with. Matt is such an amazing Daddy and he is willing to make sacrifices for our son and family. I am so thankful he is my husband and baby daddy!