Monday, June 25, 2012

Father's Day & Baby Dedication

Last week was Matthew's first Father's Day. It was an especially special day since Jack's baby dedication at church was that evening.

We slept in that morning since it would be asking a lot for Jack to behave at even one church service, let alone two. Jack's fussy time had been between 4 pm- 6 pm... so we wanted him to be as rested and happy as possible.

Earlier in the month we had taken Daddy shopping for Father's Day and he bought some accessories and ammunition for his handguns. Mommy also bought Daddy a big standing fan for the guest room since it gets so hot in there when Daddy plays video games. 

Jackson loves to plat with his Daddy. His favorite games are growl and goo-la. Of course, Jackson mostly smiles and coos while Daddy makes other sounds. 

Jackson is getting stronger everyday so now he can play airplane! He also reads with Daddy almost every day. 

In the evening we went to church for Jack's baby dedication. We were so excited that there was one scheduled as they happen sporadically at our church. We were worried that there wouldn't be one before Matt leaves for Basic. When we saw this one in the bulletin we made sure to sign Jack up! 

Jack was such a good baby. He was quiet while we waited with the other families, scanned the congregation while we were in front of the church (we were standing right in the middle!), didn't make a peep the whole time, and promptly fell asleep in Mommy's arms once Pastor had moved past us. Couldn't get better than that! 

Matthew and I feel so blessed to have found Heritage Baptist Church to attend. Matt and I both grew up attending Sunday School and attending a Baptist school. This meant we were doing inductive Bible study in Junior High, went over basic Hebrew and Greek in Junior High, and went over the doctrines of the church in senior high. With this background we wanted a church whose Pastor had meaty sermons. Dr. Kroll was just what we were looking for. No fluff about these sermons. 

I loved Jack's outfit. We bought it for him at Baby Gap on our anniversary. I wanted something dressy, but cool since it's been so warm in Virginia. This was the perfect little outfit for our little man. He looked like such a big boy in it! Not like a little baby. He sure is growing! 

The church gifted him a Bible and we got a certificate for his dedication. 

I am so blessed to have Matthew as my partner in parenthood. He has thrived as a Daddy and really stepped up to the task of staying home with Jack. It is not every man who could handle being a stay-at-home dad. But he has risen to the challenge and has grown so much as an individual, husband, and father because of it. I am so grateful for his willingness to stay home with Jack.