Thursday, June 07, 2012


Now that I have incorporated labels into this blog, I may attempt to post more often. It was not uncommon for me to post a couple times a day previously. Now with so many labels, I may post multiple times in one day if the subjects are varied.

I have just recently begun reading the book of Job. Job is known for his great faith and steadfastness. In the first chapter Job hears that he has lost his property and all his children. His response, "The Lord gave, and the Lord has taken away; blessed be the name of the Lord." (v. 21).

We all hope we would have that same response in that situation, but being honest, hardly any would. I don't think it's something anyone can know for sure until they are in that situation (and hopefully they won't have to be). While I was pregnant with Jack I kept thinking, "If I lose this baby, then at least God has given me these months with the baby instead of no months with the baby." Now, if I had lost the baby would I have kept that mindset? Who knows, I would certainly have tried to keep that perspective but it would have been difficult. I try to thank God for the 10 weeks I've had with Jack already. If something happens to him prematurely (as in, anytime before I, myself, die) then I would hope I would continue to praise God for the time I had with him and have the same attitude as Job. But, you just never know for sure until that moment comes. I know I would never curse God and turn away from Him. But I may not have such a positive response initially. It may take a lot of time, prayer, and council to get to that point.

This also is pretty common discussion about the story of Job. But what truly bothers me about the story is the end. Job continues to praise God and Satan's plan is thwarted. God blesses Job with double what he had before. Double the livestock, double the children. Happy endings, correct?

What of those children he lost? Does having double the quantity of children replace the children he lost? Almost seems like that could be a more stressful situation. If I lost Jack and then gained two children later in life, that doesn't seem like such a big deal (as far as the number of children). But Job had seven sons and daughters. He then was given fourteen sons and daughters! That is a lot of children- this from a girl who would love to have a big family. By big family I'm thinking five. Yes, Job was blessed. Yes, having numerous children is a blessing from the Lord as each child is an individual and a miracle. But this still doesn't seem like an entirely happy ending to me.

In Sunday School as a child the ending is always painted as God making up for all the bad that happened to Job. I know this is not truly the meaning of the ending and just the image planted in my memories. But it is still difficult for me not to feel very sorry for Job, his wife, and his deceased children. It would've been a much lovelier ending if those children could have been returned to Job and then seven more added to their number. I cannot imagine that Job's livestock mattered anywhere near as much to him as his children.

I am still in the beginning of the book of Job. I plan to examine the ending more carefully this read-through. But it seems so sad that Job's lost children are "replaced" by new children and that is the happily ever after for Job.

This is just my ramblings. Not looking for any arguments and I know there may be a lot the Bible doesn't tell us. This isn't the point of the story of Job and I shouldn't dwell too much on it. Honestly, I don't dwell on it too much but I just am always reminded of this tidbit when reading this story. It resonates so much stronger now that I am a mother.