Tuesday, June 05, 2012

J. Crew

I usually don't follow too many popular trends fashion-wise. Sometimes I like the fashion after it's hey-day has passed, but there are a lot ot things I'm just not into. Current example: colored jeans. I don't mind them on other people and even think they're cute, but I don't want a pair at all. That being said, I do enjoy a good browse through People Style Watch or some fashion blogs.

My favorite fashion blog is Sidewalk Ready. I like this blog because Kayley has amazing fashion sense, is beautiful and tasteful, always has amazing pictures (since she and her husband are professional photographers), and was a childhood friend of mine.

Through this blog I have made a fashion list of to-buys. Yesterday I was able to check off some of those items! The J.Crew Warehouse is in Lynchburg (of all places) and there are two clearance stores here. These differ from outlets slightly. Whenever my MIL or SIL are in town we make a trip. I need to go there more often before we mve away (hopefully next May) to take advantage of the great deals!

Yesterday we went and found some amazing items! I had wanted a white blazer due to an outfit I had worn the previous week. Kayley has mentioned time and again how convertible blazers are to a wardrobe. I have several blazers (probably too many) but not a white one. J. Crew had this amazing white eyelet blazer! Perfect for spring/summer. The only two sizes out were both too large for me. The salesclerk heard me talking to my MIL about it and offered to check the back. Voila! The only smallish size they had fit me perfectly! I had to have it!

Kayley also wears statement necklaces. I currently own two statement necklaces, but wanted one slightly edgy-chic. J. Crew had this large link necklace with studs in the alternating links. Excellent! Kayley often fashions necklaces similar to these with colored shirts. I cannot wait to try this look in the office! The necklace also looks great with Tees, bringing a little glam to an otherwise casual look.

One of Kayley's trademarks are belts. She wears skinny  belts to cinch tops, chunky belts to add a waist, and all sorts of belts to add to the overall look of her ensemble. I love belts that don't have the typical hook and loop clasp. I am a huge fan of the button hole belts and own a few. This black belt has a twist knob clasp which can be dressed up or down. Immediately when I saw it I knew it would be the next item to check off my list. I plan to layer this over sweaters, cardigans, and dresses this fall/winter.

The last item to check off my list inspired by Kayley, comfortable heels. Kayley wears heels often and most of the time they seem all-day ready. After my freshman year of college I began wearing heels only for special occasions. I embraced the flat. Now, I can barely walk from my car to my office in heels without needing to change into flats when I reach my desk! Sad. So, I was on a mission to find some comfortable heels. I wanted a black pair and a light brown pair to hopefully cover most of my work attire (plus, heels look pretty great with jeans too!). If found, I also wouldn't mind a nude pair as those are so workable with basically any other color scheme. J. Crew has a nude shoe with black accents. Perfection! I spotted them at once and tried them on without high hopes. Not only do they fit perfectly, but they are made of a soft leather that has some give so they are super comfy! Double score for color and fit! These shoes will be worn with black/khaki skirts, black/khaki pants, dresses, jeans. Love love love.

All of these great finds left me feeling very very light and happy. Nothing like a successful shopping trip to make a girl smile! Some other items on my list inspired by Sidewalk Ready: a brown leather jacket, black boots (as I've already found a pair of brown [cognac] boots), a maxi dress for traveling or just for lounging days, some varying length chains so I can make my necklace charms work for varying necklines.

I have a very classic look when it comes to fashion. My go-to's are jeans, a neutral tank, a cardigan, and neutral flats. My favorite stores are The Gap, Banana Republic, Ann Taylor/LOFT, and J. Crew. Sometimes I wish I had a more bohemian sense of style, but I don't mind looking like a librarian most of the time. Now that I have this new label of "Fashion and Style" maybe I'll post some of the outfits I'm more proud of on this blog. Lots of inspiration to create and mimic!

For the remainder of this week and the next my go-to outfit will be jammies! Then I will return to the office and will be able to use some of my wardrobe that I don't want the baby to spit up on! Although, I did wear a cashmere sweater last night regardless of the fact that I would be holding my drooling baby. Sometimes you just need some cashmere!