Monday, June 04, 2012

10 Weeks

10 weeks sure sounds like a long time. Baby is now a part of our regular routine and life. It’s honestly hard to remember our schedule without him. He is a pretty chill baby so we are able to go out to eat or shopping like before. He really isn’t a hindrance to our “freedom” like some parents feel. Of course, we have zero desire to go anywhere without him yet. Our wedding anniversary is later this week and we thought about having a friend babysit, but decided neither of us wanted an evening away from our little guy!

Finally was able to get a smile for his weekly picture. We get lots of smiling pictures now on random days but hopefully last week was the last time his weekly picture was so serious faced. 

Dr. Appt: Last week on Tuesday (so unfortunately after the weekly post) Jack had his 2 month Dr. appointment. He weighed a whopping 12 lbs. 2 oz., which I hear is actually not that big for a baby boy. Other friends I know who have had boys recently have boys who are heavier than Jack! He is such a little chunk so I don’t know if I’m just comparing him to himself as a newborn or if he actually is small! He was 22 and ¾ inches long and his head circumference was 15 ¼ cm. He was in the 50th percentile across the board. So just about average.

Unfortunately, at the 2 month appt. baby needs his shots. We had discussed the benefits and risks of shots with friends and family but never really seriously considered not getting them. We figure we’d rather be safe than sorry. Plus, both of us (and all the other babies we know) have gotten their shots with zero problems. Jack had one oral shot and three in his thighs. He was such a happy baby at first. He flirted with the nurse and gave her some of his champion smiles. She turned him so he was looking at me and when that first prick happened he let out a little shriek. It wasn’t one of his super loud cries but his face did get all red and he didn’t breathe (you know, that panicked hyperventilating moment babies have) for a second, but it was done so quickly and as soon as I picked him up he settled right down and fell asleep. When we got to the car and I was strapping him into his seat he gave me some smiles, so I wasn’t too worried about him being traumatized by the shots.

We got home and he took a long nap. He then fussed when he woke up. He wasn’t acting like himself and he was warm (which is not unusual for him) so we gave him his first baby Tylenol. That seemed to help his discomfort and he fell back asleep. We gave him two doses of baby Tylenol on Tuesday and then two more on Wednesday. By Thursday morning he woke up his normal happy self!

Hygiene: Baby has been getting baths every other day. I know babies his age normally get baths every 3 days or longer, but he gets so warm and sweaty that he breaks out! He gets little rashes so I give him baths more often. This seems to help heal the rashes so I’m not too worried about it. I think he also broke out from the Night time lotion. Unfortunate since it really did seem to help him calm down for bedtime. Due to his constant rashes I ordered him a hazel wood necklace. That should arrive later this week. I am excited to see if it works for this issue and when he teethes. I have heard from friends who have used them for themselves as adults and for their infants that they work wonders.
Jack continues to be a very drooly baby. I wonder what it will be like when he teethes! He often drools when he is sucking on something: his hands, his shirt, the burp cloth, mommy’s shirt, mommy’s arm, toys… He hasn’t soaked an outfit enough to warrant a change yet, but I’m sure we’ll get there. I have been pretty good about wiping his drool away before it reaches his shirt. We also have begun putting bibs on him throughout the day when he seems to be particularly drooly.

Schedule: I have been going into the office for a couple hours at a time on a couple days. This helps me get used to being away and the boys to truly being alone without the aid of Mommy. I am not looking forward to being at the office for 8-9 hours out of the day, but that will make my evenings with baby something to look forward to. Daddy and Mommy have been good about giving baby lots of different exercises to strengthen his neck, arms, upper body, and vocal cords. It has been so much fun to watch him learn and develop. He can move him head from side to side now while on his tummy, hold up his head completely while being held, and has started to work his way up onto his arms from his belly. We try to do tummy time and floor time every day, usually in 10 minute increments. We talk to him a lot by making different sounds or facial expressions. It is so fun watching him focus on our faces and mimic the different shapes our mouths make. He is a very vocal baby and loves to have conversations. He’s very good about waiting his turn to talk!

Feeding: We began to use Tommee Tippee bottles. These are supposed to help the transition from breast to bottle, as well as help babies who feed both ways. I am hoping to continue nursing him in the evenings and weekends when I return to work so I figured we’d give these bottles a try. Jack has begun being a silly eater. He will gulp a big mouthful of milk then smile… leaking out the milk! What a little stinker. But he is still growing strong so I’m not too worried about him not getting enough nutrition. We are still feeding him breastmilk exclusively. We received samples of different brands of formula, but I’m really not interested in giving him those. Since I have a good quality pump that will work well while I am at work, I don’t think we’ll ever have use for formula. Hopefully I can find someone to give them too. Jack has been eating every 2-3 hours during the day and then every 4 hours at night. Every once in awhile he’ll cluster feed and decide he needs a snack every hour. That is no longer a regular habit of his though.

Sleep: As he has been eating about every 4 hours at night, that means he's been sleeping in those chunks as well! It has been so nice to get a good solid chunk of sleep. My body is used to not getting a solid 8 hours of sleep at one time (which I don't know how often that happened pre-baby anyways), but I feel a lot more rested with 4 hour chunks than 2 hour chunks. Baby sleeps a lot in his sleeper, but sometimes just wants to sleep on mom... which I don't mind one bit. 

Toys: Jack has discovered toys! He loves to smile and talk to his panda or his light-up mirror. He really notices them now. We got him a giraffe to attach to his carseat that has different toys on each foot to occupy him. I attached some rings with a teether set of keys on the end to his carseat also. He loves to chew on the teethers. They are just gelly teethers now, but I’ll put them in the fridge when he is actually teething. He has begun to grasp his toys and has almost figured out his rattle.

Hands: Jack discovered his hands the other day. He has been sucking on his hands when they happen to be by his face, but now he knows that he has the ability to move his hands at will. This makes it much easier to soothe him as he often soothes himself with his hands. It is so cute to see him stuffing both hands in fists into his mouth! Silly baby!

Mommy Skills: I have been able to successfully paint my fingernails twice while holding Jack. I was very careful not to spill on him or to mess up my nails. I didn’t want to have to redo them or try to get polish out of his clothes! He was very cooperative and we are now pros at the process! When I have time to do my nails I don’t want to sacrifice time with him. I seriously cannot get enough of him. He is such a joy each and every moment. I have gotten over him spitting up or drooling on my clothes. Not a big deal at all. He hasn’t gotten anything in my hair yet, but he does love to hold on to it while he’s eating. He hasn’t given it a good tug yet, but I’m sure we’ll get there soon!

Outtings: Jack went to church with us this Sunday! We had been listening to the sermons via webcast as Jack has not cooperated thusfar. We all got ready for church and were out the door right on time. I put Jack in the Moby wrap and he fell asleep during the worship at the beginning of the service. He squirmed a little but never fully woke up. We’ll probably keep him with us for the next few months (if not up until he’s a full year) if he is content in the Moby. I am so thankful we made it to church because we saw an announcement in the bulletin for a baby dedication on June 17. We’re going to sign him up next week. So thankful for this opportunity as we weren’t sure there would be one before Matt leaves for Basic (fingers crossed). 

We also have taken some walks recently with Jack. I love our stroller. We live near a nice park that has a path that is 1.25 miles long from where we start. It dead ends at so we turn around and get a nice long walk in. Good exercise and since it's longer than 2 miles it apparently does the same thing as a short run would for us as far as cardio? I'll take it! 

Jack continues to far exceed my expectations. I love being his mommy and wouldn't trade a single moment with him. We were asked this week if we ever wished he would go back inside my tummy just for a little bit, but no. Life seems so normal and complete with him. It has all been a natural transition. I wish all parents had as easy a go of it as we have. 

I don't think I could possibly love Jack more!