Saturday, June 02, 2012

OCS Interview

I forgot to post about Matt's OCS (Officer Candidate School) Interview! I did write about it on Jackson's blog but forgot to post on our family blog. 

Matt has his OCS interview on May 24th. He went to Richmond to the MEPS, but thankfully it was just a day trip and not overnight. We had his suit dry cleaned for the occasion. He sure looks good in a suit! I kinda wish he had an office job where he had to wear suits more often. Unfortunately, with the Army he won't have cause to wear a suit. Oh well, I suppose dress blues will have to do. 

He interviewed with a panel of Army officers. Some were present in Richmond while others teleconferenced in. He sat at attention as they reviewed his packet and asked him questions about it. He and I had practiced some questions his recruiter had given him to prepare with. He was very confident about his answers, his packet, and his qualifications to apply to OCS.

When he finished his interview the board called him and his recruiter back in the room. The President of the board said that Matt's interview was the best he had sat this year! He congratulated Matt's recruiter for having so well prepped him. 

This leaves us very confident for the selection board sometime this month. The interview board gives their recommendation and we expect Matt's packet will be a good option for selection. He has a high GPA, high score on the ASVAB, and a perfect PFT. Having such a good interview is just one more item to put him at the top of the list. 

In honor of this interview, Jackson wore his camo booties and this onesie. We were so excited to have Daddy home again that evening! We love our Daddy!