Thursday, May 31, 2012

Definitely Non-Annoyances

So, yesterday I posted about some annoyances I had been dealing with. Today, I thought it fitting to post some non-annoyances that have been major blessings in my life.

Of course, my husband and Jack are definitely non-annoyances. I am so thankful that Matt is able to stay home with Jack while I work. It has been such a blessing for them to develop their relationship. While I am not necessarily looking forward to returning to the office, I did have a meeting today to go to and it wasn't so bad. It was nice to look forward to seeing Jack when I returned home. Of course, the meeting was 1 hour long so I was gone for about 2 hours total. I like to think I'm easing into returning to work. Jack is one of the biggest blessings I've ever received in my life. God truly created the perfect baby for us. He is such a sweet baby. He is funny, happy, snuggly, smart. He already talks to us so much! Daddy and baby are big non-annoyances.

My  new position at work is a non-annoyance. I have officially taken on the title "Recruitment Coordinator" at work. This is a blessing as I will not have to travel any longer. I will be assisting with partner contracts, the recruitment schedule and planning, and marketing. The meeting I went to today was the weekly marketing meeting. I am so excited to be able to assist in this area now. Definite growing potential for me in this new position. Also, this means we will be hiring new recruiters. Michele begins tomorrow and I am excited to work with her. Hopefully we can find a suitable male recruiter who can travel with Brian. I know how stressful it can be to work an event with someone who doesn't see eye to eye with you. Compatibility is important in a position like this.

Since I went into work today for a meeting and not just to show off Jack, I dressed in office attire. I was pleased to find that the new Ann Taylor Khaki skirt I bought in Michigan with the hopes that I would fit into it soon fit perfectly! Unfortunately, the top I picked out to wear today (also new from Ann Taylor from my Michigan trip) did not go too well with the skirt. So I donned my favorite pair of Gap khaki pants... which also fit perfectly! The last time I tried them one (around 1 month post baby) I could fit into them, but had a muffin top. No more of that! Getting back in shape post baby is definitely a non-annoyance.

I had been wanting a pair of diamond earrings, preferably with little diamonds around the center stone. No, I didn't want these to be real diamonds at all. Since earrings are the easiest accessory to lose I don't like the idea of having a pair of real diamond earrings (as I wrote this I remembered I do have a pair of diamond hoops... oops!). I went to Target as I had a gift card and quickly found the perfect pair! These will probably become my everyday earrings. I lost one of my pearl earrings, which had been my everyday earrings. I'll wear my other earrings on occasion when the outfit matches nicely... but these will be my new go-to's. So happy!

I traded in our 9 oz. Avent bottles for some Tommee Tippee bottles. I like the Avent bottles well enough, but Jack has had difficulty latching on to them since we returned home from Michigan. The nipple goes really far back into his throat and he chokes on it when he tries to feed. I thought we'd give Tommee Tippee a try. So far, I'm impressed! He was able to latch on quickly to this new bottle and there was only dripping when he decided to play during his meal. He often likes to suck a mouthful of milk then smile! While this is cute, it's so wasteful and messy! Recently when he's been nursing he has been leaking a lot so I thought we'd start him on some bottles with breastmilk. This is good practice for when I return to the office full time also. We'll do a mixture of both since Jack and I both enjoy nursing. I'm thankful we found a bottle that he can feed well on though. Just another non-annoyance.

Life is good. I have no complaints. Yesterday was a fluke of a day.