Wednesday, May 30, 2012


One thing that truly bothers me is when people do not reply to texts that require a reply. A simple yes or no will do. I have two friends in particular who do not reply when the answer to my question is no. Instead, I wait for an answer just in case they are occupied and will reply later. But... the answer is no, which is completely fine! I just would've preferred to know that 5 hours ago. This is certainly not the end of the world. I am thankful I am not an adult in a world where we were at the mercy of an answeing machine! What on earth did people do when it was so much harder to get in touch with people? Thankfully, text messaging continues to be a great way to contact the majority of my friends or family. I do not like talking on the phone (except to my mom and Matt) so texting is so much easier.

Another annoying thing about myself? I am so lazy about exercise! I posted about wanting to widdle my middle last week. I have done ab work since then. It's truly hard to find the time to go for a run when I could be spending time with my little mister. I recently looked at a friend on facebook who I haven't talked to in awhile. She's lost a lot of weight, as in I didn't even recognize her when her picture came up! She looks like an entirely new person and it's difficult for me to imagine that she still talks the same and has the same mannerisms. If she can lose that much weight then shouldn't I be able to lose the 5-10 pounds I'm aiming for? Yes, I am back at my pre-preggo weight, but I still want to shed a few more extra pounds if possible. I just need to be more motivated. I keep telling myself it will be easier when I return to the office. Like that will somehow give me more time than when I am working from home? I at least get to see Jack throughout the day while I'm home. When I return to the office I won't want to go to the gym. I'll want to rush straight home! We'll see how that works out.

Last annoyance for the day. My laptop keeps freezing various programs I am trying to use. My email, word, excel. It freezes them before I can save my work so then I have to start over. It has been happening all day. I keep restarting the program or the entire computer. Annoying. At least the internet hasn't been cutting in and out. So here I sit with Word frozen again. I WILL get this contract written up before the end of the business day! I will!