Thursday, April 05, 2012

MEPS hates us

Matthew went to MEPS again yesterday. We figured this would be the last time since his recruiter had double checked everything before sending him out there again. He has gone at least five times already and this process is normally a one trip dealio.

Well, he gets there this morning to finish the last few items he needs for his Army OCS packet... and they discover that the Beckley MEPS never sent his paperwork over to the Richmond MEPS, where he is now located. So... they couldn't do everything they needed. Thankfully, he was able to complete his security background check. He may go back once his paperwork is received to verify his height and weight (yes, they could not do that until his paperwork is there)... or he may go back and redo everything just to have it ready to go. Sigh.

Either way he has to go back. Which means there will be another night of me and Jack on our own. I should get used to this right? I mean, Matt will be gone for almost a full year for training and then he'll have various deployments throughout his career. We're expecting him not to be available for the birth of our second child so at that point I'd have a baby or toddler and newborn on my own. Double sigh.

Thankfully, Jack is such an easy baby! He did amazingly yesterday, last night, and this morning. Matt left around noon yesterday and returned home around 3:30 today.

Here's hoping that Matt can go back to MEPS to finish everything up next week so he will be ready for his interview. It would be a pain to have to reschedule that, plus it may mean he wouldn't be ready to be part of the June selection board. All we can do is process our paperwork, sign our signatures, and pray pray pray!

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