Thursday, April 12, 2012

2 Weeks

Mommy is a bit behind (which apparently is "normal" for mommies...) so here is Jack's 2 Week update! I haven't been too exhausted or worn out to post, but time just gets away from me. I have a finicky baby who loves to be held (which I certainly don't mind)... but that makes doing anything other than holding him and watching Gilmore Girls difficult.

Here is his weekly picture. He had already gone through two other outfits that day so I was going to get a picture in! I took a couple and while the others he's not crying, I just LOVE his crying face!

Baby had quite the eventful week. He had another Dr. appt to make sure he's still on track. He had an appt with the Lactation Consultant (which will be another post). He met Grammy and Papa (again, another post). He smiled at Mommy and Daddy for the first time (we love to see him smiling!) but I haven't been able to capture that on film yet. He had his first bath, which he did not particularly enjoy.

I had a Mommy moment, which is kinda embarrassing. At the Dr. office we were in a room that was decorated with Dumbo. I was telling Matt about the scene where Dumbo goes to see his mom while she's locked up in that train car and he sits on her trunk and he cries. I had to stop talking about it because it made me almost cry! I thought about it again a couple days later and actually did cry since I was sitting alone with Jack. It made me so sad to think about being separated from Jack and him missing me and needing me. After Matt and I were married I felt this way about movies too. When I had a husband, I understood P.S. I love you so much better. Now, movies like Dumbo mean much more that I have a child and I am a mommy.

This week I continued to have good amounts of energy. Thank the Lord that Matt is home full time so he is able to take "shifts" with the baby too. It allows me to get some rest. I'll explain this more in detail once I write the lactation consult post, but we've been bottle feeding him primarily this week. That has been nice since Daddy is able to help with feedings. I still take the night shift so Daddy can get a full night's sleep. (to clarify: we have been bottle feeding him with breast milk. I hope to feed him exclusively on breast milk for his first 6 months, then begin to feed him solids)

We just love to sit and watch him. He still sleeps a lot throughout the day, but he does have some waking hours where he's alert and watching everything around him. He has some funny faces and still flails his arms around just as much as he did when he was first born.

Jack loves to lie like a froggy on our chests. That settles him down quick when he is fussing. He often falls asleep that way. When he sits with Daddy he'll often lie across the boppy on Daddy's lap. This allows Daddy to play videogames.

I have been so impressed with Matt. I knew he would be an excellent father, but he has truly been thriving. He loves our son so much and it is so gratifying to see him "playing" with Jack. He asks how we need to warm the bottles, how to properly do the diapers, how to do Jack's medication. I am so thankful he wants to learn all of these things so he can help care for our son.

Speaking of Jack's medication, we finished his thrush medicine. We may get a refill on one of the medicines since it looks like some of the thrush is coming back in his mouth. We haven't seen any more on his body though. His pretty boy complexion has come back though. He is such a handsome baby!

He is such a joy and I am so thankful for him. Even when I am tired and just want to crash when he wants to be held, I am thankful! I have never been more content than when he is lying on my chest sleeping. He is so peaceful and he knows his mommy is holding him. There is nothing else like it.

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