Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Positive surprises

While baby and I were still at the hospital, Matt came home Tuesday night to get some sleep and pick up some things from the house. When he arrived home he noticed a letter in the mail from his ex-employer. He reluctantly opened it, expecting for it to state that the decision was sustained on his termination. I wrote a venting post about his last meeting with the VP of his department which Matt thought did not go well.

He read the letter and was shocked to see that they decided to overturn the decision to terminate his employment and to accept Matt's resignation! All Matt needed to do is write an official resignation letter and mail it to HR. This will change the status in his file and if this is requested by the Army for his file then it will state that Matt resigned, nothing else! Such a blessing!

We're not sure if this decision would have been made if Matt had wished to re-enter the workforce at his previous employer. We're not sure if the fact that our baby was expected any day added a sympathy vote. We're not sure if Matt just presented his arguments extremely well and they saw reason. No matter what the reason for the decision to overturn his termination, we are thrilled that this was changed.

We're not sure why this happened at this time in our lives, but we worked through it. Thankfully, it has not negatively affected our relationship, our birth experience (possible stress), or the Army. So thankful this is behind us! God is good!

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