Saturday, April 14, 2012

Complete OCS Packet

After months of jumping through hoops and lots of frustration, Matt's packet for the U.S. Army Officer Candidate School is complete! Yesterday Matt received a call from his recruiter that his packet had been completed and was being submitted for the interview process. Once Jackson's social security number comes through we'll be able to add him to the paperwork so that he's included on our insurance if/when Matt is selected and leaves for Basic Training.

The next interview board is scheduled for this coming Wednesday. As Matt's packet was turned in for review yesterday, he should be able to have an interview. The computers had been down yesterday, so if for some reason it wasn't received in time, then he'll definitely be part of the next interview board. There should be two more boards in May. In the interview Matt will meet with some officers to answer questions about his desire to enter the Army and what he would do in certain military situations. While he may not know the "right" answers to each situation, the board focuses more on his decision making ability. We feel confident that he will be able to do well during his interview.

After his interview he will be eligible for the next selection board. This board is scheduled for June. A group of Army officials review all the applicants for Officer Candidate School and weigh them against each other. At this time, Matt looks real good on paper for this selection. He graduated with honors from college meaning he had a high GPA, he scored within the 97th percentile on his AS-VAB- which is incredible since he has been out of school for five years and most candidates go through this process immediately after college, he has excellent recommendations from two college professors, two Army officers, and a retired Marine, and his PFT (Personal Fitness Test) score is a perfect score of 300. Matt is interested in a career in the Army. He is not looking to enter the Army just to get out of a difficult financial situation or economic struggle, etc. He wants to serve his country. This also should act in his favor during the interview board and selection board.

We are so thankful his packet is now complete. This is the next step we have been waiting for in the process. It has taken awhile to get to this point, but now we can finally move forward. While we are not looking forward to Matt leaving for training (which will be close to a year or more of various trainings), we feel confident this is where God wants us. We are willing to enter this lifestyle to serve our country and more importantly, serve our Lord. We see this as a ministry as much as a career. The soldiers and their families need the Lord just like anyone else. We will show them hope in difficult situations. We hope to stand out since we won't be drinking or cussing at social gatherings. We hope to show the love the God to those around us by offering a listening ear or a helping hand or a hug. Ok, Matt may not be giving out hugs to the other soldiers, but you get the idea.

Prayers are certainly appreciated as we go through these final steps. If God closes this door, then we know we were supposed to go through this process regardless. We have learned patience, endurance, sacrifice, and grown closer as a family. We are hopeful that within the next year Matt will leave for Basic Training and our journey as an Army family will begin.


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