Sunday, April 15, 2012

Meeting Grammy and Papa

When Jack was eleven days old he got to meet his Grammy and Papa. They were spring breaking with Aunt Lisa and Uncle Ryan in Tennessee. At the end of that trip they drove over to Virginia to meet their new grand-baby.

Grammy's first time holding baby Jack. She is fairly honest about babies (including her own grandchildren) and has stated that certain children are not cute infants (but will probably grow up to be cute toddlers etc). She said that Jack was a pretty perfect baby! He has a good shaped head, nice and long hair, and a wonderful complexion.

Papa waited patiently for a couple minutes then was ready for a turn with the baby. Grammy wasn't so eager to share. I love her expression in this picture!
Papa finally got his turn. I think my dad was made to be a Papa. He loves each of his grandchildren the same, but also uniquely to fit their personalities. Children love him because he treats them like people and not like "just kids". He is a wonderful father and an extra-wonderful grandfather. I am blessed to have him as the former and to have him as the former for my child.
While Grammy and Papa were here Jack went on his first outing! We went to Sweet Frog, of course. Jack enjoyed plenty of Sweet Frog (frozen yogurt) while he was in womb. I cannot wait to take him out for some FroYo once he's old enough. My favorite is vanilla yogurt with fresh strawberries and white cake bits!
Our little family on our first outing. It was particularly chilly the weekend Grammy and Papa visited, even though it was in the 70's the day before they arrived! It dropped to the 40's the day they arrived. (side note: I'm wearing my Michigan Wolverine hoodie. I asked for one for Christmas one year and my mom got this one. I LOVE it. It fits perfectly and is so comfy and soft. Jack will be raised right as a Wolverine!)
The next day we ventured out to the Depot Grille. We go here every time my parents visit. My parents prefer to eat out rather than dining at home. We were a little hesitant to go out with a newborn, but we chose restaurants (we went to Milano's for dinner) that aren't as busy and ate earlier than the rush hours for both lunch and dinner. Unfortunately, the Depot Grille got rid of my favorite meal the Blue Ridge Chicken... but I was still able to find something plenty good to eat!
While Grammy and Papa were here Jack had a Dr. appt and the first visit with the lactation consultant. As a result, we started bottle feeding him breast milk during their trip. They were able to help feed him. Grammy had just fed him when he grasped her finger. Nothing better than a newborn hanging on to your finger!

Matt and I have been blessed by two amazing sets of parents. We will use their example in raising our children. I am so thankful for their support for our journey through parenthood and their neverending love for Jack. He will be one spoiled little grandbaby, well, he already is!

Grammy and Papa just stayed for the weekend since our little family will be going to Michigan for 2 weeks (the last week of April and the first week of May). We'll get plenty of time with family then. Maybe Mommy and Daddy can even have our first date without the baby during this time! We'll see, I'm not super anxious to leave my baby! But I'd feel better leaving him with Grammy and Papa rather than other sitters.