Saturday, April 14, 2012

First Bath

On April 2 we gave Jackson his first bath. Before this I had been giving him wet wipe baths. Wet wipes paired with baby lotion makes for a pretty good, clean baby... but not the same as an actual bath.

I love our bath tub! When I first started looking at baby things this was the tub I wanted. It was online only so I didn't add it to our registry at first. We didn't get the tub at one of our showers so I ordered it with gift cards. It's cream (nice and gender neutral for future babies) with an attachment for newborns so they are comfy. The attachment has animals and letters on it, which I think is adorable. It came with some bath toys and a bottle to pour water on the baby with. Jack isn't quite big enough to need all those extras yet, but someday! We did receive our bath caddy (a green submarine), lots of different bath soaps and shampoos, and a bunch of rubber duckies and some other rubber bath animals.

Since Jack's umbilical cord was still attached, I didn't fill his tub with water. I ran the water outside the tub and wash-clothed him clean. For the first half of the bath he didn't seem to mind being in the tub. He seemed to enjoy getting his body scrubbed, but when we got to his hair he fussed.

Matt videotaped the first half of the bath. He began taking pictures during the second half. I love his crying face! He is such an adorable baby, even when he is crying! That makes those fussy moments (which are truly few and far between) bearable!

I love love love all his hair! After the bath it's so fluffy and fuzzy! It quickly gets slightly greasy so it stays down against his head, but for the first few hours after his bath his hair is like a fluff ball... adorable!

Once he got over the initial panic over having me scrub his head, he began to enjoy the second half of the bath too. I think he liked the warm water (during his second bath I was able to fill his tub with water so he was halfway submerged in water the whole time. This helped keep him warm instead of shivering in between warm washcloths).

After his bath I toweled him off. I wasn't able to find many baby boy towels that I liked. There were a couple that were online only that were ok, but I didn't end up buying any of them. One of my friends bought me this striped towel with the bath caddy and toys. It certainly does the job and is pretty cute too! This is also one of his cloth diapers. I have a bunch of newborn or xs diapers and then a bunch more of one-size diapers for when he's a few more pounds heavier through potty training. I have two with this giraffe pattern and they are my favorites. This one is a blueberry newborn diaper. I also have some swaddlebees newborn diapers and fuzzi bunz xs size diapers. The one-size diapers we have are Bum Genius freetime diapers. Can't wait to be able to use those, but love these little ones!

After toweling him off I wrapped him in his robe. I had bought a friend an adorable robe for her son a year and a half ago. I searched for a robe I liked for Jack... and it proved to be a difficult task! A lot of the robes I found were cheaply made and I didn't much like the design. I saw a Nemo robe in the Babies R Us brochure and went to the store to buy it... but saw this one instead! I loved the whale!

After baths I let Jack bum around in his robe for awhile. Makes mommy want a good robe to bum around in too! I have a fuzzy pink robe, but it gets real warm in it real fast- so I don't use it too often.

I love giving Jack baths. There's nothing better than a clean baby! He's shed most of his newborn skin and I've been lotioning him up good every day. He has kept a wonderful complexion and he doesn't scratch up his face too often. Sometimes when Matt and I are just looking at him Matt says, "We did good on our first try!" It's very true. He is absolutely perfect!

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