Saturday, March 03, 2012

Weekend Chore Update

Yesterday I wrote my weekend To Do list. I am writing this to keep myself accountable. It seems to be working better than my writing it in my planner and then... rewriting it for the next week!

Yesterday I did a bunch of projects for the nursery. I had to stop when I realized I didn't have the necessary tools to finish.

Today I worked in the early afternoon at an on-campus event. Honestly, those are some of my least favorite. But ah well. It's a job. I am extremely thankful for a job in present circumstances.

When I got home I got online and sold back my textbooks. Some of them were way outdated, which is to be expected. I have saved a bunch of my textbooks from my undergrad that I thought might be useful in the future. They are space takers now so they are being sold or getting thrown out. So I have a lovely box of books that can be dropped in the mail on Monday. One good thing about Matt being home now, he is able to run errands to places that have regular business hours. Makes my life a lot easier.

We then went to Walmart to get some necessities. Got some new drill bits since ours have disappeared. I found an old shoebox without a use and I plan to keep our smaller tools in there so we have a central location for them. Got some hangers for the picture frames that need to go above Jackson's crib. Hopefully they work. I don't want those falling off the wall onto his head someday! We'll see how it goes. If it seems questionable we'll figure something else out. Got a new white bookshelf for his room, complete with buckets to go on it. I thought one of the walls looked bare and a bookshelf is the perfect fix. Plus, always need more storage in a baby room! Got some Rice Krispies Treats cereal since Kroger unfortunately decided to stop carrying it. Yum. There were some other things on my list that we couldn't find, but I can go to Michael's or another craft store for those anyways. So all in all, a good trip to Walmart.

Came home. Needed a nap (it's amazing how tired you can get when you're pregnant!). Had a snack. Tackled our bedroom. I do laundry every weekend, without fail. I am not so good about putting all the clothes away, however. I had at least three weeks worth of laundry to put away! Now, it wasn't full loads leftover in baskets, of course. We would pick through the loads and wear what we wanted throughout the weeks. But still, it needed to be done. All the laundry is now put away. I made a pile of my borrowed maternity clothes that I won't be needing for the next 5 weeks... honestly, most of it I didn't even end up wearing! I love that I've been able to wear normal clothes in a size larger. Much more attractive, I think. I made a pile of my maternity clothes so I would have them readily available to wear these last few weeks and to put away post pregnancy. Everything else is neatly in it's proper drawer or closet. I also had a pile that had accumulated at the end of our bed of random junk. Most of it was honestly from travel season this past fall. That ended the first week of November... yeah, I've been lazy! So I moved around all of that and most of it is in it's home now. A lot of it was trash. I admit, I'm kinda disgusting! Hopefully I won't be so lazy in the future! Now all I have to do is find a wall home for the picture frames I bought this fall and the room will be almost clean! I need to change my sheets (and throw away the current ones. I must move my hand around a lot under my pillow because there's a huge hole there in the sheets! So random) and then move an old bookshelf up there that will serve as an open dresser of sorts (hopefully) and we'll be set. Oh yes, I need to rehang one of the curtains as well. I'll do that tomorrow when I fix up Jackson's curtains.

So tomorrow: I hope to rearrange the guest room. I don't need it to be spotless yet, I just want the furniture in it's correct placement so I can organize it later. Then I'll try to fix all the curtains and hang the frames above the crib. We are going to church in the morning and then we have our maternity shoot in the afternoon. So excited! I hope the weather cooperates. It was rainy Friday and then dreary this morning. In the afternoon it was lovely, however.

Ok, so that is my to do list. I have two more large crafts for the nursery to complete and hopefully I can get all the materials this week and then complete them next weekend. Then, finally, pictures can be posted! And, even more important, we'll be ready for baby!

So let's hope that this list of to do's in a public forum will help keep me accountable!

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