Friday, March 02, 2012


Everyone says nesting happens when you are about ready to pop. It's supposed to be one of the precursors. Well, I don't really think I will be birthing a baby in the next week... but I do think my nesting instinct has kicked in. I normally come home from work. Relax with my husband (now that he's home at least), make dinner when we both feel hungry, watch a movie or a few episodes of a TV show (our TV doesn't work so it's all DVDs for us) with my husband, have something delicious for dessert, then read or do something lazy until bed. I've been taking a lot of baths recently too due to front and back aches.

Well, today I thought to myself as work, "I should do some work on the nursery. I am 35 Weeks along after all. The nursery isn't going to finish itself!" I was surprisingly awake during the work day so I figured tonight would be a good time to knock out some of the to do's. Got home... and felt exhausted. But after dinner my energy picked up once again! Did some more organizing of the nursery. Hung some of the artwork. Discovered what items I need on my crafting shopping run tomorrow to hang the rest of the artwork. Discovered that I have no idea where our drill bits are... discouraging. So I wasn't able to do quite as much as I wanted. I did move all the rest of the baby things to the nursery instead of scattered around our bedroom though.

Tomorrow: I have to work a short event for a couple hours. Shouldn't be too bad. Then I want to clean our room (which mostly consists of putting away the laundry). I need to sell the rest of my textbooks online. That will get rid of a lot of clutter and then I'll be able to rearrange the guest room furniture. Then hopefully I'll be able to make a crafting run with Matthew so we can get all the tools needed to finish the nursery. The walls look so ugly since we're not able to paint. I will hang the rest of the stuff I already have then see if any more color is needed. We'll see what time it is. I may just relax the rest of the day.

Sunday: Church. Then hopefully finishing a bunch of work on the nursery. Putting together the pack n play station downstairs. Then... we should be pretty ready for baby!

The house needs a good cleaning, but that can always be done later. It's not top on my priority list but hopefully will get done before the baby comes. I want all the rooms and furniture moved to it's new permanent location first.

I feel accomplished enough for tonight. I wish I could find those drill bits though.

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