Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Random thoughts on a long day

Another post for today. Today has seemed like a long day for a variety of reasons.

My boss approved me to work from home today. What a blessing! During this pregnancy I've asked multiple times if I can come in late and leave late and today I asked if I could just work from home. Thankfully, my job can be accomplished at home so this doesn't pose to much of a problem. Also, my bosses are super understanding and know that I am a reliable employee when not supervised in person. So, I was able to sit up or lie down as needed throughout the day while working away on the computer. Oh my goodness, what a difference lying down every couple of hours made to my back pains! Sitting in a desk chair for 9 hours during the working day (plus lunch) is not ideal for a preggo. I would sit up for a few hours, then lie down in bed and adjust my laptop so I could still work. Amazing the relief on my back! If there were a convenient place to lie down at work I would do it! As it is... no such place exists. Bummer. So, working from home made the day seem long. It was still a good, productive day. I actually think I got more done at home than I normally do in the office!

Also, Matt and I went to the gym today once my work was mostly done. I finished it when I got home. I have been going to the gym on Saturdays because it helps me loosen up my joints and makes me feel a little bit better about all the weight I've gained. I know it's all good weight since baby needs to grow, have fluids, and a little cushion. But still, weight gain as a woman is not easy to reconcile myself to. I am only a handful of pounds away from being the same weight as Matt! I may tie him before this baby comes... or my weight may even out and stay where it is right now. It's still kinda depressing that we're so close in weight right now. He's a lightweight for a male anyways, but that doesn't really make me feel any better! Anyways, the gym was a nice break. Since I don't normally go on a weekday it made the day seem long.

Matt and I went grocery shopping as well. Since he's home all day now he needs lots of options! Again, this trip just added to a long day. It was enjoyable, but still out of the ordinary. Normally we grocery shop on Sundays. Not on purpose, but it just happens to work out that way.

I took a half hour nap before dinner. I always love my nap times. But after a nap I usually get a second wind.

The mere fact that Matthew was home all day through me off. I'm not used to him being home in the evenings as he used to work evening shift. It has been so nice having him around and being able to do things together, but it still feels strange. I am thankful he has been home to help with cleaning the house and giving me back massages. He is such a great husband and I am so thankful he is my partner for life. I wouldn't mind having him home all the time... but he needs to work. He is getting restless at home and it hasn't even been one week yet! We're praying that the jobs he's applied for come through.

So all of those things combined made the day seem very long. But it was a good, productive day. I was able to do my job, get some exercise, restock our cupboards, and spend some quality time with my husband. Maybe long days are a good thing. I didn't do anything for the nursery today, but that's ok.


I realized as I was going to bed that I didn't even write about the original idea that prompted me to post! This doesn't have to do with my long day, but had to do with going to the gym.

After baby I am going to try to become a runner. Not a long distance runner or anything. I don't know if I'll be motivated to run longer than 5 miles... but we'll see. I am not a horrible runner. I have gone for maybe 3 runs during our entire marriage... and I am able to generally do a mile at 8.5 minutes. I just do not enjoy running in the least. So I figure, why bother? I prefer the elliptical.

Well, after this baby comes I know I'm going to want to get back in my old shape asap. I am not too concerned about it and I will be sure to go about it in a healthy way, but I have seen multiple examples of people who worked out and exercised and got in good shape... but then switched from a bike or elliptical to running and their bodies looked so much leaner. I don't know if they were leaner or not, but the muscles were formed different, if that makes sense. So... with that in mind, I will attempt to be a runner.

This is a big task for me! We'll see how it goes. I may just decide it isn't worth it and go back to the elliptical. I may not have time for the gym (especially if I go back to work) and have to find exercises to do at home. We'll see. But, I will try. It is a goal. Matt and I are planning to have a competition between the two of us during this time. I'll have a goal of when I want to lose my preggo weight and then another when I want to look a certain way. He will have the goal of taking minutes off his run time or adding more pullups/situps etc. to his routine. If we meet our goals then we get to choose some adequate prize just for us... not for baby. It seems like everything we have wanted recently is for the baby! Funny how priorities change!

So that was the purpose of my update. I will try to run. Here we go.

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