Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Mr. Mom

Matt and I have joked about the possibility that he will be "Mr. Mom" once Jackson comes. On the one hand, he will most definitely NOT be Mr. Mom. He will be Mr. Dad: homemaker. There is only one mommy in this house and it is me. On the other hand, it would be extremely hard for me to return to full time work if he was able to stay home with the baby. On the third hand (wink), if I go back to work then him being able to stay home with the baby is a lot better than a nanny or daycare center.

He will continue to look for a new job, of course, but if he can't find something that will completely cover our monthly expenses then we may decide to live on my paycheck and he stay home. Or if we find out good news about the Army and when he might go to Basic, then it might be better for me to return to work if it wouldn't be a long wait. No point in him starting a new job if he just has to leave it a few months later. So many options. I have been so grateful for the attitude God has given me recently. I did have one breakdown about all the unknowns... but for the most part I have been on board with the possibilities for our future. I have learned to trust God. After all, He has continued to bless us throughout the first 3.5 years of marriage. Why not now?

For now, Matthew has proved to be a very responsible and caring homemaker. He has really stepped up and done a lot of household chores, run errands for me, and even surprises me with dinner preparations. He mopped all our floors the other day and made a delicious steak dinner with sides and everything. This was after my last work trip before the baby arrives and I was very exhausted and kind of in a bad mood. I come home and what a great surprise!

Even when I am home, he does the dishes and laundry and gets upset when he hears me working on those things. He says it is now his responsibility and I need to rest. Seriously, amazing husband!

I feel like we are almost "ready" for the baby to come. A few more minor things to do in the nursery, cleaning the bathrooms nice and good, and making sure I have all the insurance forms I need. This weekend I plan to get everything in order and then we'll be ready for whenever Mr. Jackson decides it's time to be born!

It is so nice having Matt home with me. I love being able to spend time with him. It's also nice to be able to text him throughout the day if I forgot to do something or need something from the store. He has been so patient and loving and willing to do anything I need.

I am truly blessed. I saw a quote the other day on Facebook that was along the lines of "Marry a man you would want your son to become." That is so true and I have certainly done just that!

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