Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Major Frustration

Maybe it's because I'm pregnant, maybe it's because I'm an overly critical person, maybe it's because humanity can be so ridiculous sometimes... but I am having some major frustrations today.

First, I called a contact at work. I was hoping this contact was not the same contact I had called back in the summer time. Well, it was. She was rude during both phone conversations from the very first words out of her mouth. She sounded very unprofessional for representing a very professional company. It honestly sounded like she wasn't listening to a word I was saying because she was not interested in having the conversation in the first place. Her reasons for her company not participating with LUO did not stand up to the arguments I raised. She said her company only worked with highly ranked schools in certain fields. I told her LUO offered those fields and listed the accreditation and rankings we currently hold. Again, she just said they research that internally and she feels they have a good grasp on the matter. When I asked if there was a contact for a specific area in her organization she would not provide that information. She said her company did not give out contact points for various departments. Funny, since I had reached out to a different department originally and then was provided with her personal extension and name at that time. Either way, she is very frustrating to work with. I have dealth with companies who are not interested in working with LUO, but she did not handle it well.

Second, Matt has been trying to work things through with his previous employer. The process is not going well and makes me extremely upset with how they are treating him. We could never prove this, but the more Matt thinks about the situation and who was involved, the more he thinks it was a personal conflict that was seeking an excuse to terminate his position. He had some run-ins with these parties when it came to sharing his beliefs to patients. Now, he only shared his beliefs with patients when they specifically asked. This had been more common recently so was brought to the attention of certain persons. These persons did not find this professional. When you live in a town like Lynchburg, chances are religion will enter the conversation. Matt did not force his beliefs on anyone but would explain why he believed what he did if they asked. Nothing wrong with that. Nothing in the company policy about that. But it could certainly step on some peoples' toes. So... he now has this record in his employment history that we would like removed. He has tried to work professionally to have this resolved but has had no luck yet. Without going into too many specifics, it is ridiculous how they are dragging his reputation through the mud when his co-workers would vouch for his character and negate the situation if asked. Not that their opinion matters, but I feel like it should count for something in a situation as this when persons involved are far removed from the situation and have little personal interaction with Matt.

So I am frustrated. My contact has been bothering my eye all day. I am uncomfortable sitting in my desk chair all day. There aren't enough hours in the day to get everything on my to do list completed. I want to eat out at a specific restaurant but know we should eat food we have at home (trying to cut costs in all instances, just to be safe). I am frustrated. I am emotional. I just want to go home and crawl in bed and not talk to anyone or do anything.

Hopefully I won't feel like this by the time I go home. Normally these kinds of phases pass quickly. Again, part of me wants to blame the pregnancy. It very well could be contributing. I tend to get frustrated much quicker and then it just disappears like it was never a big deal. Well, the situation with Matt's work is a big deal, but normally I may not be as adamant about the situation. Again, who knows for sure? Maybe they have a test I could take to see how much pregnancy affects my mood in reality.


Tonight I'll post my weekly picture and preggo update. That is much more cheerful that this.

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