Saturday, March 10, 2012


This is my 868 post. That being the case, it often is difficult to come up with unique titles for each post. I don't really worry about it though. To me, the title is what the essence of the post will be. If I've used it before once or twice (or thirty), then oh well.

It is 6:30 pm and I have gotten much accomplished today. First of all, I'd like to say a BIG thanks to my amazing husband. Every day this week he has gone above and beyond to clean the house. He has done chores he has never done while we have been married, and possibly not ever in his life. It is so nice to have a weekend where I can cross things off my to do list and not have to worry about the ever mounting housework that accumulates every week.

So I had every intention of sleeping in late this morning. I used to be able to sleep in until noon on Saturdays! Now, this is not actually sleeping in. This means I just don't get out of bed until that time. I may read or daydream or drift in and out of sleep. Well, around 9:30 I couldn't stay in bed any longer! Maybe part of it was my hunger. Part of it was my poor kittens meowing outside my door. Part of it was the fact that I knew my husband was up and going about his day. So I crawled out of bed. This, of course, gave me more hours than I anticipated having.

We had delicious pancakes for breakfast. Moved around the guest room furniture. Then got ready for the day. Now: the guest room. Hmmm. Well, it's all set up... but much more cramped than desired. It will serve it's purpose though. I may end up moving the small bookshelf into the hall, but we were so sick of trying to rearrange it that we just left it all where it is now. We'll see what happens in the next couple days. For now the bed, Matt's desk, and the bookshelf all fit. It just looks kind of funny. The bed is just too big for that room. Too bad it isn't a double bed. It's a full so takes up more space, but also much more comfortable for guests. Yeah, I'll probably move the bookshelf. The more I think about it, the more I like the idea. We have those mover discs so we don't have to take all the books off the shelves or anything.

After we were both ready to go out, we ran around town to pick up the last necessities for Jackson. we made stops at Babies R Us, the Dollar Tree, and Michael's. I had to return a few items and with that store credit and a gift card I randomly found in our bedroom, I was able to get my favorite pacis which we previously only had in 6-18 months size, a another pack of bottles, a white waffle blanket I wanted for summertime, the piddle pad for the car seat, paci holders to attach to Jackson's clothes, and a stuffed Darth Vader toy. We then headed over to the Dollar Tree to get some picture frames for a new craft idea I had for the nursery and some wrapping paper for the storage boxes. Well, the wrapping paper selection was not great so I got some plastic tablecloths instead. I think they'll serve their purpose nicely! Last stop, Michael's. Got some finger paint for the above mentioned craft, some adhesives to hopefully fix the problem I've been having with the monogram frames I have to go above the crib, and some paint markers for a poster craft I have been planning.

Arrived home and began to work. Got some sewing done and now plan to go and hang as many of the artwork I can. Again, fingers crossed that these adhesives work!

It has been a productive Saturday so far and I still have a good amount of the day left! Tomorrow I should will try to get some of the crafting done but it may have to be finished throughout the week next week. We'll see how far I get. There are a few stages in the crafts, so I may not have time for everything to settle etc. Hard to explain until it's finished. Pictures of the nursery will be posted once it's all finished!

I am so excited for Jackson to get here! It seems much more real now that we have things set up and ready for him. Matt put the pack n play together yesterday while I was at work. I love having it sit over in the corner of the living room while we sit here. Can't wait for Jackson to be napping over there!

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