Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Waiting Game

We finally thought we were making progress towards the Army selection process. Wrong again. I think God is trying to teach Matt and I perseverance. (that is me trying to have a positive attitude about this)

So Matt left to go to MEPS (Military Entrance Processing Station) yesterday. He went to MEPS for the Marine Corps and did most of the items. The Army has a different secruity interview process that he needed to complete. No big deal. So after being scheduled to go to MEPS for the Army twice, it seemed that the third time would be a charm. He got there last night and all seemed well.

He wakes up this morning and goes to get processed... and his paperwork isn't ready. He calls his recruiter who is back here in Lynchburg. The recruiter does some research. Basically his paperwork was sent to MEPS... and then was never processed. Unfortunately, they can't process it while he's there and conduct the interview. So Matt's sitting around over there (at least he took a book with him) all day while the other future soldiers are getting set to go. Of the Lynchburg office, Matt was the only candidate seeking to go to OCS and not enlistment.

So we were slightly frustrated by this set back. It was nice to think that this would be taken care of before the baby comes. Since when he goes out to MEPS he stays overnight, I don't like the idea of him going too often the closer we get to due date. We're full term as of tomorrow so I really don't want to go into labor while he's out of town. But, like I said... we're learning perseverance. We're still feeling very positively about the Army and this direction for our lives and future.

Of course, we also keep in mind that if this all works out how we're hoping, then this will be the next 2 decades of our lives. Better get used to changed plans now! I also hear that's how life is with children! All plans are marked "tentative" since you never know what will happen with children! Kids act up, get sick, were up all night... the list goes on and on. Flexibility is the plan.

On a slightly separate note: I've been toying with the idea of created a couple blogs to coincide with this one. I would still write on this blog, but it would be used more as my personal outlet. I am considering creating one specifically for Jackson and his life updates, another one specifically for the Army (this would be for when we are officially in)... a few other ideas. I just don't know. I like this blog and the idea of keeping everything central. But I know I update an awful lot. It's nice that I can label posts. Maybe the other blogs aren't necessary? We'll see.

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