Friday, March 09, 2012

Good Start to the Weekend

It is Friday. That is a blessing. Plus, it has been an exceptionally good day thusfar. Let's hope nothing ruins it. At this point, the only things that could ruin it are car accidents, finding out we actually have more bills that expected and now have no money, kittens running away, or death or anyone we know. So... I think it's fairly safe to say that this will continue to be a good day!

Sometimes I feel a little discouraged at my job. Not because of my employer, direct supervisors, or even the nature of my work; but because I lack self confidence in my abilities. Today is not one of those days. I have a very productive morning or meetings and paperwork. I feel like my afternoon has been productive as well (taking a break from writing up a proposal for an agreement between LU and another firm). I was able to get some good face time with my boss, big boss, and big big boss. I call them that when I am explaining things to Matt. Chain of command and all that. So, today was a good day at work and boosted my work ego!

I was walking down the hall at work and a random stranger told me I looked "adorable". See, these are the kinds of comments you are supposed to give to 9 month pregnant women! Makes them feel good about themselves! Granted, I do plan out my outfits the night before to hopefully flaunt the bump while still looking reasonably stylish... but it still makes me feel better about my current shape.

I had a ham and cheese sandwich for lunch. I know, I'm not supposed to be eating deli meat. Pray I don't get listeria! It was delicious though! Made my day better.

We have a celebration this afternoon for the entire online office since we surpassed 70,000 students this week! I hear there will be chocolate fountains with a large variety of treats. Delicious.

My husband and I are planning on having our last date night before baby comes! I really like my outfit today so it was the perfect night for date night. Not sure exactly what we'll do (we're pretty low key), but it will be fun.

Last night had some good talks with my husband about our family, our relationship, our future, and how far we've come in the past year. God has been working in both of our hearts this year and we're just now beginning to realize a lot of the effects of that. Matt also read two books to the baby last night. One of them was Fox in Soxks, which is my favorite Dr. Seuss. The copy we have was actually a gift to me in 1992 from my Grpa! We giggled the entire time at Matt's attempts to not get tongue-tied. I plan to record him reading it (giggles and all) before he leaves for Basic (who knows when that will be?) so I can play it for Jackson. I am so blessed to have such a loving, fun, caring husband.

Yes, today has been a great day! This weekend promises to be wonderful as well. I should be able to completely finish the nursery. I'm waiting for our diaper pail to arrive in the mail, but everything else I can finish. Everything is coming together so well! Matt and I are also going to work on the guest room/office so he can be comfortable in there with his computer. Currently his computer desk chair is pushed up against the guest bed when he sits in it. Not ideal. Plus, I get to spend the entire weekend with him! In his old job he worked a lot of weekends so it's so nice just to have him home and be able to spend time with him before the baby comes. Like I said in an older post, I seriously think this whole unemployment deal is a blessing from God!


Not even the end of the workday and already the day continues to exceed expectations! I received some very welcome news regarding how my maternity leave will operate once Jackson makes his debut. Just another proof that God is continuing to bless our little family even when it may seem like "undesirable" circumstances.

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