Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Update: contacts

This will be another multiple post day. Later I will do my weekly pregnancy post, but for now I need to vent about the frustrations of contact lenses!

I received my trial pair of contacts on Monday. No problem taking them out at night. I was constantly aware that there was something in my eye and it wasn't necessarily comfortable or uncomfortable. It didn't feel exactly like I had an eyelash or speck of dirt in my eye, but I could feel "something" there. (which makes sense since there WAS something there)

Well, Tuesday morning I woke up with crusties all over my eyes. Washed my face. Rinsed my eyes out. There was some goop in both eyes, but I figured that was just my eyes getting used to the contacts. Tried to put the contacts in. Figured out real quickly that my eyes were, in fact, swollen. Now, as I have Asian eyes it's difficult to tell when my eyes are swollen. When I tried to pry them open to insert the contacts they would not open very wide at all. Definitely not enough space to slip in the contact. I continued to try, however. I'm not sure if it was the cleansing solution I was using, but everytime I put it against my eye it stung before I would even try to get it to suction to the eye. After a few attempts, my eye was puffier and redder. I decided to give it a break and just wear my glasses.

Came home from work. Got the left contact in with little difficulty. The right eye was still puffy. Decided just to leave the left one in for the evening. Figured out that my left eye is wider than the right (Matt and I have both noticed this before) and figured that might be why it's so much more difficult working with the right eye. Put in some eye drops and amazingly it flushed the right eye! Wasn't expecting that. Let's just say that my eye did not appreciate something that was going on because the drop caused a bunch of goop to surface and literally puss out of my eye! Didn't know that was there. Maybe that was part of the puffiness problem!

This morning, put more eye drops in to try to cleanse my eyes. Used Matt's contact solution to see if that helped with the stinging. After about 20 minutes or trying, finally got the right contact in! I tried a new method of getting the contact in. Basically, since my eyes are a lot narrower than the typical caucasian eye I tilt my face to the side so I am looking at the mirror lengthwise of my eye. I then pull down the bottom lid and watch as I slide the contact in first under the top lashes then maneuver it into position. I blink slowly and voila! Contact in! The left eye hasn't been as difficult, but this method has proven even easier for that eye as well.

So I have had the contacts in for a little over 2 hours now. Not too bad, but I can still definitely tell there is something in the eye that is not "normal". The left one I can hardly tell. The right one feels like there's an eyelash along the bottom of the contact. I have checked and there's nothing else in there that I can see. I keep putting in drops, which helps. Maybe my eyes just get dried out with the contacts.

Either way, I am glad I could finally get them in. It was SO nice being able to wear my sunglasses this morning! I haven't been able to wear those since July when I first got my glasses and realized just how blind I was! Hopefully my eyes will get acquainted with the contacts real quickly.

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