Wednesday, February 01, 2012

31 Weeks!

31 Weeks! Only 9 more weeks to go until due date. That means only 9 more pictures (or maybe less!). That sure did go quickly! While it seemed slow at the time, I can't believe I'm already this close to the end!

I finally got a picture of my lopsided belly! So often Jack takes up residence on one side of my belly. I can feel Jack's back, buns, legs, and feet often when he does this. So amazing! Sometimes it's even more distinct than this!

Milestones: I have been feeling jittery- kind of like restless leg syndrome, but all over my body! It's not all the time, but often enough to be annoying. Sometimes it hits at work and I just want to stand up and do jumping jacks! I feel like I'd get some interesting stares- jumping jacks are not office appropriate, let alone with a big ole belly! Jackson and I had our last flight of this pregnancy (and hopefully for a good long while- I don't anticipate flying with a newborn any time soon!). Flying while 30 weeks pregnant? Not ideal, at all. Normally I can get fairly comfortable in airplanes. Well, when you have a baby belly it's hard to slouch, cross your legs, lean over the service tray... etc. Plus, Jack decided to be super squirmy throughout the flight. Lots of kicks on my sides, ribs, and top of my torso. The one good thing about my travel days? At the airport I had several strangers comment on my belly! There were some girls working at Starbucks that were going all crazy about my cute belly and how they hope they look like me when they get pregnant- all belly! I have also noticed that it's difficult for things to balance on my lap now that belly is so large. When I sat down at my shower to eat I was balancing my plate on my lap and it wasn't working too well! The same with my computer. Kind of annoying, but also hilarious!

Nursery planning: I had been trying to figure out what to do for a mobile for the nursery. I didn't like any I saw in stores. Too cutesy (who would've thought that was possible?). I had decided to make a mobile but couldn't determine what theme to use. Some of my favorite ideas were old school paper airplanes or hot air balloons. Matt didn't like those ideas too much. I think I may have thought up a good idea that will work well with our circle "theme". It is a whole lot easier than the other ideas I was planning too! Here's hoping it works! Double good news? I can also make larger versions of the mobile items to hang from the wall above the chair in the nursery! I wanted to put pom poms there, but knew those weren't too masculine. Can't wait to get this project started! I also placed some orders with gift cards from the baby shower! I ordered our Fisher Price sleeper with a Target gift card. This is often referred to as a "hammock" and I plan to use it as our bassinet in our bedroom (and probably for naptime also). The sleeper is very light and folds up so I can carry it with me between rooms easily. I also used Babies R Us gift cards to order our pack n play! Seems a little redundant, ordering a sleeper and a pack n play. But I figure we'll get lots of use out of both and we need a diaper station downstairs. The pack n play was also on sale so I didn't want to wait to order it. The pattern is the same as our car seat and hopefully our high chair. Instead of a traditional high chair I registered for the kind that attaches to the table. This way we can use it at home, when we travel, and even when we eat out. I love matchy matchy! Speaking of which, we also picked up our car seat, which was a Christmas present from Grandma Lolo (Matt's mom). It's so exciting getting these things ready for baby!

Cravings/Aversions: No new aversions, thankfully. I still crave fresh fruit of all kinds: pears, strawberries, raspberries, apples, bananas. Yum! I did have my first legit, strange (for me) craving! While in the airport traveling home last Thursday two different men sat next to me at the gate (pretty much one sat down and ate and left, then the other sat down immediately after). Both of these men had McDonald's sandwiches. They had cheeseburgers with pickles and onions- at least I could smell both of those things, not sure what else was on the burgers. Now, I can't remember the last time I had a McDonald's burger. I can count on one hand the times I've been to McDonald's since we've been married and in those times I normally get a snack wrap and french fries. When I eat burgers anywhere I usually only have cheese on them, maybe mayo. Pickles and onions? Never. Oh goodness, those burgers smelled SO GOOD! My mouth was watering. I had just eaten a bagel or I probably would've gone in search of the McDonald's! Even though the thought of McDonald's grossed me out, the smell was just so appealing! Thankfully, I by the time I got off my last flight and was able to find a McDonald's the craving had subsided. Greasy fast food just isn't something I prefer to digest. I was so tempted to ask the men next to me if I could have a bite though!

Now, for two funny stories. My sister told me of a conversation she had with her two-year-old daughter the day before I got to Michigan. She told Brookie I was coming that weekend. Brookie said, "Did baby Jack come out?" Lisa, "Not yet." Brookie, "Oh, he's still in Becca's womb?" Ummm... what? Brookie is 2 and is certainly a very intelligent child and she constantly amazes me with her vocabulary, but womb? My sister was surprised too! She didn't know Brooke knew that word. She thinks she figured it out because they have a children's book on adoption that says that the babies grow in the birth mothers' wombs. So funny! Second story: when I was getting ready to leave for the airport my mom patted my belly and said "Bye Jackie!". My son is NOT Jackie! Jackie is a girl name! I may have mentioned this before because I certainly told my mom it before... my son is Jackson or Jack or possibly J- I haven't decided on that last one yet (although I'll probably use that when I am writing about him). Never Jackie!

I already did a post on my baby shower in Michigan. It was amazing and I loved it! Here are a few extra pictures my mother-in-law took.

She is so amazing! I am so thankful she surprised me! What a wonderful present!

The little U of M sleeper! So snuggly and warm! I think this will be used for sleepovers with Uncle Mark!

Love love love this little giraffe hat! It's from baby Gap. They have other animals too, but I liked the giraffe the best. I had emailed a link for it to my mom saying that if she wanted to buy it I wouldn't be opposed!

This outfit is from Grandma Lolo. Love the camo pants and the grey shirt is thermal! Matt had just said how much he loved his grey thermal we bought in December. Now Jack can match Daddy!

And... a puppy for Jack! Matt's favorite stuffed animal growing up was a puppy. He wasn't interested in any other stuffed animals. His puppy was very loved and had to have many "surgeries" to fix ripped ears or legs. Now Jack has his own puppy!

I am so incredibly blessed. This pregnancy has been amazing so far. I have had some nauseas moments, some aches and pains, and been completely exhausted... but it has ALL been worth it! Feeling my growing baby bouncing around all over my belly is so incredible. I can't wait to meet him and snuggle him! The waiting makes 9 weeks seem SO long. I know it will go by quickly and baby will be here before I know it!

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