Saturday, February 04, 2012

Crib and Changing Table

Progress in the nursery! We were finally able to put together the changing table and crib today! So exciting to be that much closer to welcoming Jackson home.

We decided to have white nursery furniture to make things look crisp and clean and be gender neutral. The white finish also gives us a lot of options for future nursery themes/decor. I looked long and hard for the furniture I wanted. I didn't want the typical boxy style that is ever so popular. I figured there is only so much originality you can have in a nursery (unless you have an unlimited budget and can afford the beautiful modern pieces that are available), so I might as well try to find pieces that a slightly different than the norm.

Here is Matthew putting the finishing touches on the changing table. A lot of reviews complained about the flimsy shelves on this table, but I don't plan on using it for heavy storage. Baby blankets, diapers, and burp clothes will probably make up the storage.

And the crib! Again, it took me awhile to settle on the crib. There was one that I really liked with more of a twisted design pattern on the wood, but that looked a little more girly and I didn't think Jackson would care too much for it. Then I found this one. Simple and lovely and a sleigh style.

While neither piece was difficult to put together (despite the reviews online of customers complaining about the setup... those people must not have been able to read the instructions), there were some frustrating moments between Matthew and I! Oh the joys of putting together furniture! But, when all was said and done we loved the pieces and forgiveness was granted.

The finished crib! It has wheels, but I chose to leave those off. It has three different levels for the mattress and an optional safety railing for a toddler bed later. I anticipate continuing to use this as our crib and just buying a toddler bed when Jackson is older.

Hopefully this week I can go to Babies R Us and pick up the mattress for the crib. We have the crib skirt and sheets so all we'll need is the mobile! I'm making it so I'll just need to buy the materials. I decided not to use a crib bumper. I had originally registered for a breathable bumper, but recently read an article that stated no bumper was actually a better choice. This was fine with me since I had recently seen pictures of nurseries online sans bumper and loved the clean look!

I currently have one big laundry basket full of Jack's clothes and a duffel bag full of clothes in his room. I need to get some hangers to put them all in his closet! I have more on the way that my Mom is mailing from my shower and there are two piles of various baby things in our bedroom. So many things that need to be organized! I got the confirmation that our chair has shipped so hopefully that will be here in the next couple of weeks. Hoping the vision I have for our nursery will work well in this space. We have room enough to rearrange if necessary, but I hope the furniture all fits well so the room looks comfortable but not crowded.

I also got out the sleeper/bassinet we'll be using. I love love love it and am so thankful the print I wanted came back in stock! It is currently folded up (so convenient) against the wall next to my bed. Ready for that baby to come home!


I also wanted to add, Matthew sliced up his knuckles real nice on the changing table. Sad. One of those tools just got away from him! Oh the sacrifices we make for our beloved baby! Wink.

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