Monday, January 30, 2012


Last post of the day!

So... yesterday I was supposed to fly home. After sitting in the airport for 5 hours... I changed my flights to today. There was a snowstorm and after a certain point I would miss all my connections and get stuck at a different airport overnight. Not ideal at all. So, I had a long travel day today. Thankfully, no issues.

I got to Lynchburg around 1:50, which ended up being perfect because I had forgot I had a contact lens exam at 4:30!

With Jack on the way, I figure I should give contacts a try again. I miss my sunglasses and I don't think having a baby throwing my glasses around would be beneficial.

So... I had the appointment... and it went well! I was able to get the contacts in an out relatively easily. It took a few tries, but that's to be expected. The last time I tried contacts it took so long to get the things in my eyes that they were all red and puffy! I have my trial pair now and a follow up appointment in a few weeks. So far, the contacts have been great! My eyes are definitely ready for a break though. I plan to wear them for half the day the next couple of days and then try to wear them all day and see how that works. I don't anticipate it being a problem this time around though. I am determined to make contacts work this time!

It is freeing not to have the glasses on my face. However, I can feel the contacts in my eyes and that will take some getting used to!

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